Devotee Pundalik

Once upon a time, Devi Rukhmini, displeased with Shrikrushna, left for the forest Dindir in Pandharpur.

The deeply knowledgeable – Maharshi Pippalad

Once Maharshi Pippalad asked Sage Narad, “Because of which deeds did I have to face such hardships? Even at such a tender age, why do I have to face such adversities due to the planets? Where are my parents?”

Spiritual might of Saint Kabir !

Kabir said, “25 years back, I had travelled to Himalayas on the strength my spiritual power acquired through Yoga.

Saint Tukaram Maharaj

Saint Tukaram Maharaj (Tukoba) was a Saint from the 17th century, belonging to the Varkari sect.