Baglamukhi Stotra

In the current era of strife, seekers should pray to Baglamukhi Deity with utmost devotion and listen to the Baglamukhi stotra (hymn) either in the morning or evening !

Currently the negative energies from the seventh region of the hell are attacking the seekers on a large scale. These negative energies have to be fought at sagun (manifest) and nirgun (unmanifest) level at the same time through the subtle dimension. In the current era of strife, the chant of Deity Shri Krishna and the chant obtained through the method of pranshakti (chetana) flow system, are protecting the seekers from the negative energies at the nirgun (unmanifest) level. For the seekers to receive protection at the sagun (manifest) level, they should pray to Baglamukhi Deity with complete devotion. Along with this, if the seekers listen to the 20 min duration Bagladigbandhan stotra (hymn) daily either in the morning or evening, it will help in reducing the spiritual distress faced by them as well as will form a protective sheath around them. Hence the distress faced by the seekers at the subtle as well as the physical level will be reduced to a great extent.

– Miss. Madhura Bhosale (knowledge received from the subtle dimension), Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi Goa. (14.07.2019), 11.17 PM

Let’s listen to the Baglamukhi Stotra ….


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