Virtuous Bharat, a jewel in the crown of devotees of Shriram

Even in this period of calamity many received solace and peace viewing the incidents from the lives of Prabhu Shriram and Shrikrushna and Their devotees and witnessed their Divine play. This also gave the audience the spiritual strength to face the coronavirus crisis. As the Holy texts in Sanatan Dharma are enriched with Spirituality they will never get outdated and that is precisely why repeated reading of these Holy texts endows the spiritual experiences of only Bliss and peace even today.

Rangolis that attract and emit Shriram tattva

Draw sattvik rangolis that attract and emit ShriRam tattva (Principle) at home or in the temple, before worshipping Shriram and on Ramnavami. The environment is charged with Shriram tattva and the devotees benefit from it.

Worship of Shriram

Since Shriram is an Incarnation of Shrivishnu, His worship is akin to that of Shrivishnu. We will now read about some of the common rituals in the worship of Shriram


Availability of more information about deities helps in augmenting one’s belief: this in turn assists in smooth spiritual practice. Therefore, useful information about Shriram is given in this article.