Chikungunya: Symptoms and Treatment !

Although Chikungunya is a terrible disease, it is not a life-threatening one. It gets cured, and joint pain can also be cured. It is only necessary to approach the doctor at the right time and undertake treatment under the doctor’s advice for a sufficient period.

Primary treatment in Ayurved

Preliminary treatments have been provided in this article. If one does not feel better after taking these treatments, then one should see the local physician without letting these ailments grow.

How to apply oil to the hands and legs

The basic Sanskrut Holy texts do not mention the exact application of oil, from shoulders or thighs to fingers or in the reverse direction, on the contrary they say ‘अनुसुखं मर्दयेत्’ meaning do whatever the patient feels better with.

Bheemseni ayurvedic camphor !

Bheemseni ayurvedic camphor doesn’t come in specific shapes. This camphor is like a crystal. It is not mixed with wax like in other camphor; therefore, it cannot be shaped into round or square small blocks.