Chikungunya: Symptoms and Treatment !

Although Chikungunya is a terrible disease, it is not a life-threatening one. It gets cured, and joint pain can also be cured. It is only necessary to approach the doctor at the right time and undertake treatment under the doctor’s advice for a sufficient period.

Primary treatment in Ayurved

Preliminary treatments have been provided in this article. If one does not feel better after taking these treatments, then one should see the local physician without letting these ailments grow.

Home remedies for stomach cleansing: fenugreek seeds

Many people have pertinent constipation related problems. This leads to several health issues. Many take medication to cleanse their stomach every day. Most of these medications cause dryness in the intestines. This further exacerbates the problem of indigestion.

‘Dhumpaan’: Preventive Ayurvedic treatment for respiratory disorders !

‘Dhum’ means ‘smoke’ and ‘Paan’ means ‘drink’. ‘Inhaling ayurvedic medicinal fumes through mouth and nostrils and exhaling them through the mouth is called ‘dhumpaan’. The treatment called dhumpaan is suggested to either not suffer Respiratory and phlegm related disorders or to get early relief from them, e.g. cold, cough and asthma.

Ayurvedic remedies to gain weight

Nutritious food is important to gain weight but if the digestive system is weak or if you have disorders of digestion then the nutritious food consumed is not digested and results in harm instead of benefit.