Use of toilet soap is deleterious to health

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‘If you keep toilet soap wrapped in paper for about 5 days then that paper disintegrates and tears. If toilet soap remains on a tile for a few days then that tile develops white stains. The cause of this is the presence of harmful chemicals such as caustic soda in the soap. Regular use of toilet soap during a bath deprives the skin of its natural moisture. As the fat, muscle and nerve endings below the skin try to restore this moisture to the skin they lose their oiliness resulting in problems such as cramps in the hands and legs, osteoporosis of bones and irritability. Stopping use of this soap and daily application of oil to the skin before a bath resolves all these problems. Hence not applying toilet soap to remain healthy itself is appropriate. It is better to use gram or masoor dal flour or clean mud from an anthill or elsewhere as it is healthier. If none of these are available then bathe with plain water by simply rubbing the body with your hands.’

– Compiled under the guidance of Vaidya Suvinay Damle, Kudal (27.5.2014)

(Note : Those who wish to use toilet soap when bathing may use an Ayurvedic toilet soap in small quantities. However ensure that all the oiliness on the skin is not removed. Sanatan soaps contain panchagavya (mixture of curd, ghee, milk, urine and dung of the cow), aloevera, tulsi (Holy basil), pongam oiltree (karanj) oil and chemicals in small quantities.)

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