Bheemseni ayurvedic camphor !

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Camphor is used for ritualistic worship in Hindu Dharma, mainly for ‘Karpurarati’. Camphor has other uses also. Let us learn in this article.

Bhimseni Ayurvedic camphor


1. Shape

Bheemseni ayurvedic camphor doesn’t come in specific shapes. This camphor is like a crystal. It is not mixed with wax like in other camphor; therefore, it cannot be shaped into round or square small blocks.


2. Medicinal use of bhimseni ayurvedic camphor

2. A. Effective in cold and cough

1. In case of cold and cough, powder of this camphor can be added to hot water and its steam can be inhaled.

2. Camphor can be applied on the nose, forehead, and chest of a person suffering from cold and cough. It can be used even for small children. Its crystal can be crushed on a handkerchief and smelled or it can be kept in a small box which can be carried with you and used instead of ‘Vicks’.

3. Few crystals of camphor can be tied with a string and kept in a handkerchief so that such handkerchief smells of camphor and it becomes easy to smell. Even if the handkerchief is washed along with camphor, it doesn’t cause staining or the camphor doesn’t dissolve with soap either.

4. Ayurvedic companies use the same camphor for medicines on the cough.

2. B. In case a person becomes breathless or has difficulty
in breathing…

In case a person becomes breathless or has difficulty in breathing at high altitude in snowy places, smelling this camphor can help.

2. C. Joint-pain

Camphor powder can be dissolved in sesame oil and applied to joints. Sesame oil has a strong smell and when mixed with camphor and used, the clothes also get that smell; therefore, due care needs to be taken.

2. D. Toothache

A small piece of camphor can be kept in decaying teeth. It dissolves automatically and even if mixed with saliva, it has no adverse effect on the body.

2. E. Effective on dandruff

Camphor mixed with coconut oil may be applied at the roots of the hair. If the person is suffering from a constant cold, camphor may be mixed with sesame oil instead of coconut oil.


3. In religious rituals

A. Another type of camphor has wax. This bhimseni camphor is, however, pure and used in religious rituals. This camphor can be burnt while performing ‘aarti’. Camphor can be added when making a smooth paste of ‘Gandha’

B. This camphor can be added even to the ‘Vida (betel leaf)’ offered to God. At the religious places in South India, camphor and cardamom is added to the ‘Teertha (holy water)’. Camphor is used in making the famous ‘laddoos’ at Shri Balaji Devasthan, Tirupati.


4. Removing the effect of evil-eye

For removing the evil-eye effect in the house, this camphor can be used by taking its two small pieces in two hands and around the house. These pieces can be burnt in a small oil lamp or an old vessel.


5. Other uses

A. This camphor can be kept in our traveling suitcases or bags, wherein we keep our clothes, for removal of musty smell or other bad smells. Camphor gives a good smell and clothes don’t get affected by moths or cockroaches etc.

B. Clothes are not dried properly in the rainy season and remain damp. If such clothes are kept in a bag, they get a musty smell. It can be avoided by keeping camphor in the bags.

C. Adding camphor to socks saves the socks and feet from getting a moldy smell. Sometimes feet start itching on wearing socks. By keeping camphor in the socks, feet don’t itch.

D. If camphor is sprinkled around our bed at night, mosquitoes keep away from bed and even other insects and animals like rats go away.

E. We use a mat for our ‘Goodnight’ machine in case there are mosquitoes in the house. Instead of using the mat, we can switch on the machine by keeping camphor. Camphor melts, spreading a nice fragrance, driving the mosquitoes away.

F. Sometimes it is difficult to light a bonfire or earthen stove; camphor is useful in such cases.

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Bhimseni camphor effective even on arthritis!

Flowers of mint, carom, and bhimseni camphor when mixed in equal proportion, are transformed into oil after some period. This oil is known as ‘Amrutdhara oil’. This oil is very effective on arthritis. – Vaidya (Mrs) Prachi Dalvi-Modak, Thane

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