Do you know, Yogic postures and pranayam accompanied with chanting enhances its benefits!

Research performed by Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay

Mr. Ashish Sawant testing with the Universal
Aura Scanner

The word ‘yoga’ has originated from the word ‘yuj’ meaning ‘union’. The root meaning of the word ‘yoga’ is merging of the ‘jivatma (embodied soul performing spiritual practice)’ with the ‘Parmatma (Supreme Soul)’. The science of Yoga originated in Bharat about 5000 years ago. Actually, Yoga is a lifestyle, embracing which an individual attains success at the physical, psychological and spiritual levels making his life blissful. Hence it is an invaluable gift of Bharat to the world.

On September 27, 2014 Prime Minister of Bharat Mr. Narendra Modi had presented the concept of International Yoga Day at the United Nations Organisation, the objective being to give human life all over the world a holistic view with respect to health and well-being. He had elaborated upon the benefits of performing yogic postures (asans) and its effects on health. Out of the 193 members of the United Nations Organisation attending the session, 175 passed the resolution. This is the highest number of members passing a resolution during a United Nations session held so far. What is special is that permanent members of the Security Council of United Nations Organisation viz China, France, Russia, England and USA passed this resolution. On December 11, 2014 as part of Universal Health and Foreign Affairs the permission was granted to celebrate the International Yoga Day on June 2, with total majority. This resolution was passed in the shortest time period and brings to the fore awareness about the importance of Yoga in the world.

Today there are classes teaching yogic postures and pranayam in more or less numbers in many nations around the world. The growing popularity of these classes is an indicator of how Yoga has been helping people. Hence, to find out the subtle benefit derived from yogic postures and pranayam, Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay conducted a study using the modern instrument of Universal Aura Scanner. The readings so derived are given further.

The Universal Aura Scanner (UAS) was invented by a former nuclear physicist Mannem Murty. This can measure both the negative and positive energy existing in an object, premises, animal or an individual. An average individual or object may possess negative energy however it does not always possess positive energy.


1. Effect of performing Suryanamaskar
accompanied with and without chanting
the Names of Sun Deity on an individual’s subtle energy

Effects of one of the mudras from Suryanamaskar on the subtle energy of an individual

In today’s fast-paced life there is no time to perform different yogic postures. The best option to this is to perform suryanamaskar daily, as 1 round of Suryanamaskar has twelve different yogic postures included in it. That is precisely why we selected Suryanamaskar to study the benefits of yoga on the subtle energy of an individual.

1A. Importance of Suryanamaskar

आदित्यस्य नमस्कारं ये कुर्वन्ति दिने दिने । जन्मान्तरसहस्रेषु दारिद्य्रं नोपजायते ॥

Meaning : Those who pay obeisance to the Sun Deity every day never experience poverty in a thousand births.

1B. Benefits of performing Suryanamaskar

1. Blood flow to all important organs increases.

2. Function of the heart and lungs improves.

3. Muscles of the shoulder and hip strengthen.

4. The spine and hip become more flexible.

5. The fat accumulated in the abdomen decreases reducing weight.

6. Digestion improves.

7. Concentration of the mind improves.

1C. Reading of the Universal Aura Scanner from two seekers – male and female
on performing Suryanamaskar without and with chanting the Names of the Sun Deity

1. Before performing Suryanamaskar baseline UAS readings of both seekers were taken.

2.Then UAS readings were taken after both performed 12 Suryanamaskars each without chanting the Names of the Sun Deity. These readings indicated the effects occurred at the level of subtle energy.

3. The next day again first the baseline readings of both seekers were taken and then the readings were recorded after performing 12 suryanamaskars along with chanting the Names of the Sun Deity. The effects of subtle energy after performing Suryanamaskars amidst chanting the Names of the Sun Deity were understood.

The readings recorded are given further.

Aura of negative energy (meter) Aura of positive energy (meter)
Suryanamaskar by male seeker Without chanting the names of the Sun Deity Before performing suryanamaskar 1.35 1.87
After performing suryanamaskar 4.26
Along with chanting the names of the Sun Deity Before performing suryanamaskar 1.82 3.24
After performing suryanamaskar 7.41
Suryanamaskar by female seeker Without chanting the names of the Sun Deity Before performing suryanamaskar 2.12
After performing suryanamaskar 5.17
Along with chanting the names of the Sun Deity Before performing suryanamaskar 3.96
After performing suryanamaskar 8.62

The above table clarifies the following points.

1. In male seeker the negative energy present before performing Suryanamaskar disappeared completely after performing Suryanamaskar both, with and without chanting.

2. In the male seeker the positive energy aura present before performing Suryanamaskar increased by 2.39 meters, that is doubled after performing Suryanamaskar without chanting. On performing it with chanting it increased by more than 4.17 meters.

3. The female seeker did not possess negative energy. The positive energy aura already present in her before performing Suryanamaskar increased by 3.05 meters, even after performing suryanamaskar without chanting the name of the Sun Deity, that is it doubled and after she performed Suryanamaskar amidst chanting it increased by more than 4.66 meters.


2. Studying effects of Pranayam on subtle energy of the doer
while performing it without and with chanting

The pranayam selected for this study was Anulom-Vilom.

2A. How to perform Anulom-Vilom Pranayam ?

1. Keep your back erect and sit in a relaxed posture, with shoulders relaxed and with a pleasant smile on face.

2. Place your left hand on your left knee with the palm facing skywards or with the thumb and index finger approximated.

3. Place the tips of the index and middle fingers of the right hand at the midbrow point, the ring and little fingers on the left nostril and the thumb on the right nostril. The ring and little fingers are used to close or open the left nostril and the thumb for the right nostril.

4. Close the right nostril with your right thumb and exhale slowly through the left nostril.

5. Now inhale through the left nostril and close the left nostril with the ring finger and little finger. Removing the thumb from the right nostril exhale through it.

6. Now inhale through the right nostril and exhale through the left. This completes one cycle of Anulom-Vilom. Continue this alternately with each nostril.

7. In this way alternating both nostrils complete 1 cycle of the Pranayam and one should perform total 9 cycles of the same. After exhaling from one nostril remember to inhale through the same. When performing this keep eyes closed and continue deep and casual breathing, do not breathe forcefully.

2B. Effects of Anulom-Vilom Pranayam

1. Maintains body temperature.

2. Effective in different problems of circulation and respiration.

3. Facilitates co-ordination between the left and right hemispheres of the brain which are mutually linked with logic and emotions respectively.

4. Facilitates the process of reducing cumulative stress accumulated in the body and mind effectively, and of becoming stress free.

5. Pranayam is an excellent tool to keep the mind calm and steady.

6. Keeps the mind in the present.

2C. Effect of Anulom-Vilom Pranayam on
the individual’s subtle energy measured using Universal Aura Scanner

This study was performed on 2 seekers one male and one female as described in point 1C. in the following manner.

1. After completing Suryanamaskar, shawasan (normal breathing) was done for 10 minutes and then again a baseline UAS reading of both seekers was taken. These readings were considered as their baseline readings before performing the study of effect of pranayama on them.

2. Then both seekers performed Anulom-Vilom Pranayam for total nine cycles, without chanting after which UAS readings were taken.

3, The following day the baseline reading of both the seekers were taken once again. Then they were told to perform Anulom-Vilom Pranayam amidst chanting and once again their UAS readings were taken.

The readings from the above testing are as follows.

Aura of negative energy (metre) Aura of positive energy (metre)
Pranayam performed by male seeker Pranayam without chanting Before doing pranayam 3.62
After doing pranayam 6.31
Pranayam with chanting Before doing pranayam 4.88
After doing pranayam 10.87
Pranayam performed by female seeker Pranayam without chanting Before doing pranayam 3.94
After doing pranayam 6.41
Pranayam with chanting Before doing pranayam 5.31
After doing pranayam 10.74

The table above makes the following points clear :

1. In both seekers there was no negative energy aura both before and after performing Anulom-Vilom Pranayam.

2. When the male and female seekers performed Pranayam without chanting their positive energy auras increased by 2.69 and 2.47 metres respectively that is one and half times. By performing Pranayam with chanting their auras doubled and became 5.99 and 5.43 respectively.


3. Inferences of the testing

Performing both, Suryanamaskar and Anulom-Vilom Pranayam gives ample benefit at the spiritual level. However, if both types are done along with chanting then the benefit derived is maximum.

The benefit derived at the subtle energy level by performing Suryanamaskar and Anulom-Vilom Pranayam became obvious through this study. This benefit grows if both Suryanamaskar and Pranayam are performed amidst chanting. It becomes clear from the above study that how 5000 years ago our Sages created these unparalleled yogic postures and Pranayam without use of external, gross appliances. When this is clubbed with chanting enriched with Divine Consciousness (Chaitanya), seeing the rise in the benefit we are bereft of words of gratitude towards our Sages and offer obeisance at Their Holy feet.

Considering the benefit derived from performing yogic postures and Pranayam along with chanting may more and more people include these in their daily routine is my prayer unto God !’

– Allopathic physician (Mrs.) Nandini Samant, Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay, Goa (18.6.2020)

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