Remedies for mental illness arising in an emergency

Extreme adverse conditions manifest during disasters like floods, earthquakes, riots, world wars etc. In such situations, incidents of mass destruction, fires and scattered dead bodies can be seen everywhere. Seeing or hearing such incidents, many suffer from mental instability, stress, anxiety, fear, inability to accept the situation, etc.

how to improve mental strength to face a terrible situation such as a riot

The conditions created during floods, earthquakes, riots, World wars etc are extremely adverse. There is devastation, fire, piles of dead bodies everywhere during such incidences. Seeing or hearing about such things may disturb the mind, induce worry or fear. Some may be unable to accept the situation.

Be grateful to those who point out your mistakes !

We should treat the individual who points out our mistakes as our real friend. He loves us truly ! When we comprehend that God only manifested through his medium and educated us for our spiritual progress, we will start progressing spiritually in earnest.
– Sanatan’s Saint H.H. Parasharam Pande Maharaj

Auto-suggestion Sessions

To overcome personality defects, one has to give 3 autosuggestions in one sitting. This is referred to as an autosuggestion session.The outline of autosuggestion session is given ahead.

Autosuggestion framing tips

Auto-suggestions are suggestions to the subconscious mind to substitute wrong actions, thoughts or reactions with appropriate actions, thoughts or reactions. To explain in simple terminology, auto-suggestions are suggestions to the subconscious mind to behave appropriately and correctly.

Personality Defects Removal Process

Personality defect removal (PDR) means getting rid of one’s personality defects.The process of personality defect removal is a specific process, methodically and consistently implemented to overcome personality defects.

Inculcating Virtues for a Happy Life

Everyone praises an ideal person whether in the office, in the society or at home. ersonality defects make our life unhappy and depressing. Conversely, virtues make life rewarding and blissful. Besides, since virtues enhance the efficiency of a person, his/her life too becomes successful.