Guidance by His Holiness Bhagwantkumar Menrai on how to coordinate chanting the Name of God with one’s breath

‘To be able to achieve the goal of chanting continuously, one needs to synchronize chanting with an act that happens continuously. As breathing is the only process we can experience occurring continuously within our body, for chanting also to occur continuously it should be linked with the breath as follows.

H.H. Bhagwantkumar Menrai


1. Process of coordinating the chant with one’s breath

A. Sit still with the eyes open.

B. Close the eyes and focus on your breath

C. Analyze the rhythm of your breath and synchronize your chanting with the rhythm of the breath, e.g. when coordinating chant ‘Om Namaha Shivay’ with your breath, pronounce ‘Om Namaha’ while inhaling and pronounce ‘Shivay’ when exhaling. In this way by coordinating the chant with breath it occurs continuously.


2. Points to be remembered when chanting with the breath

Seekers should keep in mind that they need to synchronize chant with the breath and not the breath with the chanting, that is the rhythm of breathing should not be altered to suit the chanting rather chanting should be performed in the rhythm of the breath.


3. Benefits of coordinating chant with the breath

3A. Decrease in distress associated with breathing

Seekers have trouble in breathing due to negative energy distress. When chanting is coordinated with breath, negative energies are unable to gain control over the breathing of the seeker thereby reducing his respiratory problems.

3B. Reduction in unnecessary and negative thoughts

By linking chanting with the breath, a seeker remembers only God with every breath thus reducing occurrence of unnecessary and negative thoughts.

3C. Chanting continues even in sleep

By linking the chanting with the breath chanting continues not only in the waking state but also in the dream while sleeping.

3D. Protection from subtle negative energies

God’s Divine Energy and Divine consciousness is always active in His Name. Continuous chanting creates an invincible armor of Divine Energy and Divine consciousness around the seeker thus protecting him from subtle negative energy distress.

3E. Decrease in distress caused by negative energy

By chanting the Name of God, positive energy is created and the negative energy gets destroyed. If chanting of seeker happens continuously, the negative energies cannot venture close to the seekers thus reducing their negative energy distress.

3F. Experiencing energy, spiritual emotion, Divine consciousness, bliss, and peace

As the virtues of God co-exist with His Name, with continuous chanting energy, spiritual emotion, Divine consciousness, bliss and peace can be experienced by seekers.

3G. Being able to experience chanting in various modes of speech

Seekers are also able to experience how chanting occurs in different modes of speech viz. Vaikhari, Madhyama, Paschyanti and Para.’

– H.H. Mr. Bhagwantkumar Menrai, Sanatan ashram, Ramnathi, Goa

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