Spiritual experiences related to chanting and Guru’s grace obtained by Shri Atul Dev when a family member was diagnosed with Corona infection

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Saints have been constantly making seekers conscious about maintaining seriousness and continuity in spiritual practice. With the onset of difficult times in the form of Corona outbreak, I could experience the predictions made by the Saints regarding upcoming calamitous period influenced by the destiny coming to reality. Given further are some experiences of the past two months in this regard.

Shri. Atul Dev


1. No improvement seen in the health
condition even after taking medical treatment for fever

My younger brother was having fever and experiencing distress in breathing. In the beginning, he took treatment from an general physician, however, even after 3 days there was no improvement seen in his condition. Therefore he got himself admitted in ‘Jupiter Hospital’ of Thane on 2.6.2020, a well-known hospital where he had been working.


2. Diagnosis of pneumonia after Corona test was reported as positive

My brother’s Corona test was done on 3.6.2020 and was reported positive the following day. In addition, he was diagnosed for pneumonia as well, because of which his Oxygen saturation level dropped drastically on 5.6.2020 and he had to be put on a ventilator support. Family members were advised to chant the Name of God and perform specific spiritual remedies to prevent obstacles in his treatment.


3. Assurance from the physicians and hospital
staff to provide adequate care and treatment like a family member

As my family members were not performing spiritual practice, this incident scared them. Therefore I started chanting for my brother. Since the hospital in which my brother was admitted was not a designated Covid hospital, we decided to shift him to a Covid hospital. However there his condition worsened. Hence, we brought him back to Jupiter Hospital where the doctors and staff of the hospital promised us to look after him like a family member.


4. Continuation of medical treatment for restoring the Oxygen level
and pulse rate to normalcy in spite of recovering after 8 days of treatment

My brother was put on a ventilator and the medical treatment was initiated. To provide him with spiritual strength I played the chant of the Name of God on the mobile phone and placed it next to his photograph. My brother regained consciousness after eight days. Though he recovered from pneumonia, his Oxygen saturation level and heart beats were still abnormal. It took additional days to restore them to normalcy. After continuing therapy till 29.6.2020 he showed some signs of improvement and was subsequently discharged. Once he gained consciousness, he too started chanting.


5. Experiencing reduction in
mental stress and attaining peace after chanting

With the help of chanting, taking rest, medical treatment and regular exercise, my brother recovered fully after two months and he resumed work. He told me that chanting had reduced his mental stress and had given him a sense of peace. As a matter of fact, cheer was clearly visible on his face.


6. Spiritual experiences

6A. Spiritual experience of reduction in destiny with Guru’s grace

Taking into consideration the duration and quality of medical treatment rendered to my brother, it would have definitely costed him 15 to 20 lakhs. However, the hospital administration did not charge him a penny. My brother had been regularly donating towards the mission of Dharma every month since past few years and I realised that by the virtue of Guru’s grace, his destiny of major expenditure was overcome.’

-Mr. Atul Dev, Thane (August 2020)

  • The spiritual experiences given here are personal experiences of seekers based on the principle, ‘there is God where there is spiritual emotion’. It cannot be generalized that others will also experience the same. – Compiler
Reference : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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