Increase your mental strength by taking autosuggestions to be able to face a terrible situation such as a riot

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For the past several years heretics have been using some petty reasons to start riots especially during festivals of Hindus, all over Bharat. Post-Babri Masjid demolition riots in Mumbai, riots in Dhule, Azad maidan riots, riots following the anti-CAA law agitation in Delhi and the riots following the farmers’ agitation on January 26,2020 are some examples of this. When the common man witnesses the killings, arson, brutality, molestation of women, life-threatening attacks on policemen etc in these riots, he becomes fear ridden. One may get stressed fearing pre-planned riots in the upcoming calamitous times.

The conditions created during floods, earthquakes, riots, World wars etc are extremely adverse. There is devastation, fire, piles of dead bodies everywhere during such incidences. Seeing or hearing about such things may disturb the mind, induce worry or fear. Some may be unable to accept the situation. Others may get disturbed simply by worrying about the occurrence of such calamities in the future and may also get trapped emotionally with the relatives. To prevent such distress and to be able to face the situation without losing balance of one’s mind, one can take autosuggestions.

To be able to face such fearsome events and to alleviate mental stress we need to build mental strength by taking autosuggestions.


1. What are autosuggestions and how to take them ?

An autosuggestion session is the process of the conscious mind giving the necessary suggestion to the subconscious mind for the personality defects. Before beginning the session, the Deity of worship or Guru should be offered a prayer ‘Let this autosuggestion reach my subconscious mind’ and chanting should be done for 2 minutes to achieve concentration. Post this, autosuggestion should be given followed by paying gratitude. The autosuggestion should be read with concentration or repeated mentally five times. 5 to 10 such sessions should be performed daily. You will experience how anxiety/stress gets reduced within a short time after doing these sessions.

1 A. Autosuggestions to be taken to overcome stress
due to the fear that there will be riots near one’s home

Example 1

Now that calamities are going to intensify in the next two years Mr. Prabhakar worries that he may have to face the consequences of riots near his home and that his family will also be affected to a great extent


Whenever I get the thought that riots near my home will affect my family and me, I will feel confident that I will be able to combat the rioters as I have received self-defence training and I will realize that due to the spiritual practice performed by me and my family, the armour created by God around us will protect us. I will therefore concentrate on my spiritual practice.

1 B. Autosuggestion on ‘if there are riots near my home …’

Example 2

1. Effects of the riots that occurred in the city yesterday have started reflecting in our area and rioting has started near our house too.

2. I am confident that with my self-defence training I will be able to stop the rioters.

3. We have secured the main doors and other doors and windows of our house.

4. My elder brother is informing the Police about the riots.

5. I am taking all possible measures such as chanting, reciting Holy verses etc. to drive away this calamity.

6. I have full faith that God is always with me in such crisis and He will certainly take care of me and my family. This faith is strengthening further.

7.Due to the grace of God the attention of rioters is drawn away from our home.

8. The police force have arrived after some time.

9. Within a short time the police have brought the riots under control.

10. God has prevented the riots from affecting us and has protected me and my family for which I offer gratitude a million times at His Holy feet.

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy text ‘Preparations to be made at the mental and spiritual level to make life smooth in the calamitous times’

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