how to improve mental strength to face a terrible situation such as a riot

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Increase your mental strength by taking autosuggestions to be able to face a terrible situation such as a riot

Since many years now, riots have been taking place all over India, especially during Hindu festivals. Riots that occurred in Mumbai after demolition of Babri Masjid, riots triggered in Dhule, Azad maidan riots, riots spread in Delhi after agitation against CAA act and riots triggered on 26th January post agitation of farmers are some of the examples. The killings, arson, beatings, the atrocities on women, deadly attacks on the police, etc. that happen during riots literally shock the common man. One could get mental stress about the pre-planned riots that could occur in the coming calamitous times.

Extreme adverse conditions manifest during disasters like floods, earthquakes, riots, world wars etc. In such situations, incidents of mass destruction, fires and scattered dead bodies are seen everywhere. Seeing or hearing such incidents, many suffer from mental instability, stress, anxiety, fear, inability to accept the situation, etc. Many people are also plagued by the idea of ​​future catastrophes, as well as get emotionally entrapped with their relatives. To avoid getting into such a state and to be able to face the adverse situation courageously without losing one’s balance of mind, autosuggestions can be taken. To gain mental strength for dealing with such a dire situation in an emergency, ‘autosuggestion-treatment’ should be used. This will alleviate the mental stress!


What is autosuggestion session and how to conduct it?

Process of giving instructions by external mind to internal mind on personality defects is called as autosuggestion session. One should make a prayer to Deity of worship or the Guru that ‘let the autosuggestions reach my subconscious mind’. To attain concentration, one should chant the Name of God for 2 minutes and then give autosuggestions. One should pay gratitude post the session. The autosuggestion should be read 5 times with concentration or memorized. Do 5 to 10 sessions of these autosuggestion. In a short time, the stress will be gone.


Autosuggestion for reducing mental stress caused by thought of riots happening near one’s house

Example 1

Shri Prabakar gets mental stress with the thought that ‘Intensity of adverse times is going to increase day by day. Therefore, riots might occur in next 1-2 years near my house and it might have huge ill-effect on me and my family’.


Whenever I will get worried with the thought that, ‘riots may occur near my house and it might have huge ill-effect on me and my family’, I will realize that ‘I have taken training of self-defence and therefore I have a confidence that I would be able to retaliate rioters. Also, because of the spiritual practice performed by me and my family, a divine protective sheath has been created around us.’ Considering this, I will focus on my spiritual practice.

Autosuggestion on the thought of riots occurring near one’s house


1. The repercussions of yesterday’s riots in the city are beginning to reverberate in our streets. A riot has broken out near our house.

2. I have undertaken training on self-defence; hence I have a confidence that I would be able to retaliate the rioters.

3. We have closed the entrance door of our house, as well as other doors and windows.

4. My elder brother is calling police and informing them about the riots.

5. I am taking all necessary measures such as chanting the Name of God, reciting holy verses etc. to get rid of the danger.

6. I have firm faith that ‘God is always with me in times of crisis and He will take care of me and my family’ and this faith is getting firmer.

7. By the grace of God, the attention of the rioters did not go to our house.

8. After some time police have arrived at the spot.

9. Soon the police are bringing the riots under control.

10. I am expressing gratitude unto the holy feet of God that He has protected me and my family and by His grace there was no ill-effect of the riot on us.

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy text ‘Preparations to be made at the mental and spiritual level to make life smooth in the calamitous times’

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