Chanting the Name of Shri Durgadevi

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Methods of worship to acquire the grace of a Deity has been different in each era. Saints have advised, ‘God’s name is the only means to acquire God in Kaliyug’. This implies that in the Kaliyug chanting the Name of God is the ideal spiritual practice. Till the impression of chanting gets imprinted on the subconscious mind, chanting aloud proves beneficial. The form, taste, fragrance and energy of a Deity accompanies its Name. When chanting the Name of the Deity or listening to it, it is important to take this into consideration.

Do not download or record this chant on your mobile phones and share it.


Meaning of the word ‘Durga’

In the chant ‘Shri Durgadevyai namaha’ in the word ‘Durga’, ‘d’ stands for annihilation of demons. The ‘dur’ from Durga stands for negative and ‘ga’ for exit or annihilation. Thus Durga is the one destroying evil. In this chant ‘Sri’ has been pronounced because in Marathi ‘Shri’ is pronounced as ‘Sri’ whereas in Sanskrut it is pronounced as ‘Shri’.

The chant associated with savior or destroyer form of the Deity is called as savior or destroyer chant. Greater details on this are available on the link ‘‘Namasankirtanyoga’’

One tenet that essentially needs to be kept in mind is that during the festival of Navaratri, the Devi Principle is thousand times more active than on other days. Therefore chanting of ‘Shri Durgadevyai namaha’ should done to the maximum extent in order to derive benefit from the Devi Principle.

Chants created with guidance from Saints

The speciality of the chants given here is that Sanatan’s lady seeker Ms. Tejal Patrikar has created prepared them through scientific experiments under the guidance of H.H. (Dr.) Jayant Athavale.

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