How to chant the Name of Deity Mahalakshmidevi ?

Shri Mahalakshmidevi

The varied forms of Devi are worshipped as the Family Deity (kuladevi). Before we try to understand how to chant the Name of Shri Mahalakshmidevi let us learn something about Her.

Deity associated with Shri Vishnu

Shri Mahalakshmi associated with Shri Vishnu

Of the three and half seats of Divine Energy (Shaktipeethas) in Maharashta, that of Shri Mahalakshmidevi in Kolhapur is of great importance. Based on the Shri Durgasaptashati, of the three main forms of Shri Durgadevi one is ‘Shri Mahalakshmi’. She is associated with Shri Vishnu and nurturing and endowing opulence are Her functions.

How to chant the saviour (tarak) Name of Mahalakshmi Devi

As in the chant ‘Shri Mahalakshmidevyai namaha’ the proportion of saviour Principle is more when uttering the last three syallbles ‘kshmi’ from Mahalakshmi they need to be prolonged and ‘de’ from devyai needs to be uttered without laying emphasis on it. Thus, the proportion of saviour Principle from the chant increases.

Let us now listen to the chant of Shri Mahalakshmidevi…….


A saviour or destroyer (marak) chant of the Devi is one associated with that respective form of Hers. More details on this topic are available on the link ‘chanting’.

Reference : Introduction to Spirituality published by Sanatan Sanstha

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