Importance of Saviour and Destroyer form of chants

Any act which is performed as per the era, derives maximum benefit. Aspect of ‘As per the current era, which type of chant derives maximum saviour or destroyer Principle of the Deity’ has been researched based on spiritual science and the audio recordings of those chants have been done.

How to chant the Name of Deity Renukadevi ?

‘Shri Renukadevyai namaha’ is a chant associated with the saviour Principle of the Deity. Hence when chanting the Name ‘Renuka’ prolong ‘ka’ a little. This facilitates speedy awakening of spiritual emotion (bhav).

Chants of Shri Ganesh

Ganapati is the nurturer, master (swami) of the directions. (According to one school of thought, Ganapati is the master of the ten directions. Hence any auspicious task or the ritualistic worship of any other deity is commenced with the ritualistic worship of Deity Ganapati. Once Ganapati clears the directions, the deity one is worshipping can manifest itself there.

Chant of Shrikrushna

Vasudev is one of the Names of Shrikrushna and is created from two word ‘Vasu’ and ‘dev’. Vasaha in Sanskrut means state. Thus it means that the Deity who imparts the frequencies essential for embodied souls to attain a specific state is Vasudev, which means Shrikrushna.

Chanting the Name of Shri Durgadevi

Try to chant the Name of Shri Durgadevi correctly according to Scriptures as given in the article. Our earnest prayer unto Devi that let everyone be able to derive benefit from this chanting.