How to chant the Name of Deity Renukadevi ?

Shri Renukadevi

The varied forms of Devi are worshiped as the Family Deity (Kuladevi). We will now try to understand how to chant the Name of Shri Renukadevi. Before that let us learn something about Her.

Origin of Renukadevi

Shri Renukadevi descended onto the earth on receiving a boon from Deity Shiva according to the Sahyadri khand (chapter) from the Skanda Puran. She emerged from a yadnya (fire sacrifice) performed by King Renu of the Ikshavaku dynasty from Kanyakubja. That is why She is referred to as ‘Renuka’. She is the wife of Sage Jamadagni and the mother of Bhagwan Parshuram. Her seat of worship is Mahur in the Nanded District of Maharashtra. It is one of the three and half seats of Divine Energy (Shaktipeethas) from Maharashtra. Only the face of the Devi exists here.

Devi’s prasad of tambul

It is a custom to offer Shri Renukadevi an offering (naivedya) of ‘tambul’ – a mixture of crushed betel leaves, lime, catechu, ajwain seeds, fennel seeds, clove, cardamom, grated dried coconut and betelnut. This is served to devotees after ritualistic consecration with fluids (abhishek) and ritualistic worship (puja) of the Devi, as a blessing in the form of food (prasad).

How to chant the Name of the saviour (tarak) form of Renukadevi

‘Shri Renukadevyai namaha’ is a chant associated with the saviour Principle of the Deity. Hence when chanting the Name ‘Renuka’ prolong ‘ka’ a little. This facilitates speedy awakening of spiritual emotion (bhav).

Let us now listen to the chant of Shri Renukadevi…….


A saviour or destroyer (marak) chant of the Devi is one associated with that respective form of Hers. More details on this topic are available on the link ‘chanting’.

Reference : Introduction to Spirituality published by Sanatan Sanstha


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