Preparation required to survive during the adverse times part – 9

Sanatan Sanstha provides guidance on how to survive during the adverse times !

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Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Jayant Athavale, the only
visionary active for the survival of humans in the adverse times !

Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Jayant Athavale

3. Physical level preparatory
measures to adopted for the adverse times

3 H. Health-related preparation taking into
consideration the unavailability of doctors, Vaidyas, hospitals, etc.

3 H 1. Buying sufficient stock of medicines required for the family before the advent of adverse times

During natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes transport systems collapse, making it difficult to procure medicines and other necessary items. During war, stock of medicines is used for the army on priority. This creates a shortage of medicines. Hence, it is crucial to buy the medicines required for the family before the advent of adverse times. Consult a doctor or a Vaidya and find out common medicines for ailments and in what proportion they should be bought; so also which medicines to buy for future to treat common ailments.

Information on the usage of Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medicines which are readily available in the market to treat simple ailments in daily life is given in Sanatan’s Text series – ‘Lifeline during the adverse times’. Sanatan has started manufacturing some Ayurvedic medicines which will be available to all shortly.

3 H 2. Cultivating medicinal plants

Anticipating the shortage of medicines during the adverse times, we can cultivate Ayurvedic medicinal plants useful for treating many disorders on the terrace of our house, courtyard, etc. This will prevent suffering due to non-availability of medicines. (Cultivation of plants has been discussed in detail in Sanatan’s Text – ‘Planting medicinal herbs as per the availability of space’ and ‘How to grow medicinal plants ?’)

3 H 3. Learn about the utility of medicinal plants readily available in your locality from experts and try to use them

Medicinal plants such as Adulsa (Malabar nut), Basil, Bel (Aegle marmelos tree), Audumbar (Fig tree), Peepal (Bo tree), Banyan tree, Neem are available in plenty everywhere. Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa), Durva (Cynodon dactylon), Aghada (Prickly Chaff plant), Maka Eclipta abla (False daisy) grow naturally. Learn about these medicinal plants from experts and read their uses by referring to Sanatan’s Text – ‘Medicinal values of plants’ and use these plants in treating common ailments. Information on home remedies will be provided in Sanatan’s coming Text.

4 H 4. Commence medicine-less remedies such as fasting, sun bath, etc. now onwards instead of depending on medicines for minor ailments

Such remedies will be provided in Sanatan’s Text series – ‘Lifeline during the adverse times’.

3 H 5. Learn medicine-less measures such as Acupressure, Empty-box remedies, Chant remedies and Pranashakti flow remedies

Sanatan Sanstha has published Texts on these remedial measures. Information on these remedial measures is also available on

(Learn medicine-less treatment methods such as Yoga, easy physical exercises, Pranayam, Marmachiktsa (Energy healing as per Ayurveda), Neuro-therapy, Colour therapy, etc. and use them practically.)

3 H 6. Instead of taking medicine after getting an ailment, make efforts from now on so as to not get inflicted

Explanation on this aspect is provided in Sanatan’s Text – ‘Follow Ayurveda and remain healthy without medicines’.

3 I. At least one person in the family must be trained in First-aid

Accidents leading to hurt, bleeding, burn injuries, becoming unconscious, getting heart attack, etc. can arise anytime in life. Doctors may not be available immediately during the adverse times. Hence, First-aid training is very essential to treat a patient temporarily in such an eventuality.

First-aid training is provided by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti free-of-charge at various places. Take advantage of these training classes. Sanatan’s Text series – ‘First-aid training’ (3 Volumes) is also available.

3 J. At least one person in the family must be trained in Fire-fighting

During adverse times, possibilities of fire due to a bomb blast or some other reason, getting surrounded by fire, etc. may arise. Then, Government’s fire-fighting squad may not arrive immediately for help. Therefore, to find solutions during such problems, it is essential to get trained in firefighting.

Sanatan’s Text on ‘Practical Training in Fire-fighting’ is available. Benefit from it. You can attend training classes in fire-fighting wherever they are conducted.

3 K. Training in Self-defense techniques to protect yourself and your family from rioters, goons, etc.

In the present times too, commoners are harassed by social evils such as rioters, goons, rapists, etc. Many times, an anarchy-like situation arises during the adverse times. Then, menace of social evils is on the rise. As a remedy, it is advisable to get trained in Self-defense techniques now itself.

Self-defense training classes are conducted free-of-charge by Hindu Jana-jagruti Samiti. Benefit from these classes and the Text – ‘Self-defense training’.

3 L. Other advanced preparations required for the adverse times

1. Necessary treatment based on modern medical devices or implements, such as eye-surgery, dental treatment, etc. should be completed before the advent of the adverse times.

2. Inculcate the habit of using food, water, electricity, cooking gas and other things such as (For example, groundnut oil) economically.

3. Find out the diet suitable for leading a healthy life and get accustomed to sticking to the diet routine. During the adverse times, you may not get all that you relish; hence, start reducing your likes and dislikes from now on. During such times you may get only tubers to eat or you might even have to go hungry. So be mentally prepared to face all such eventualities.

4. Inculcate the habit of using minimum clothes suitable for summer, winter and monsoon from now on.

5. Inculcate the habit of slowly giving up all comforts (such as hot water for bathing, continuously running fan, inability to sleep without an air-conditioner).

6. Start physical activities suitable for the adverse times such as drawing well-water, washing clothes with the hands, using the staircase to go up-down, using a cycle instead of a car to travel short distances, etc. In short, become self-reliant instead of relying on machines.

7. Exercise daily (such as performing Suryanamaskar, walking at least 1-2 kms.), breathing exercises, Yoga practices, etc. to remain active even during the adverse times.

(Ref.: Sanatan’s forthcoming Text series – ‘Preparations required to survive the adverse times’)

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