Predictions made by Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and Saints

Are you prepared to face the terrible losses the Third World War is expected to cause ?

Devastation caused by nuclear attacks
Pitiable state of cities post devastation

Several Saints and astrologers have predicted that as per the influence of time there will terrible calamitous times ahead. Third World War which will cause gruesome loss and death of millions, killing half of the world’s population and destroying cities of the world, is poised to happen. The impact of this war will last for 30 years and rebuilding will take 100 years. The current events across the indicate that the calamitous times are at our doorstep. Since modern Bharatiyas have more faith in the western thought process, given further are the predictions of some western astrologers and Saints. The pictures in this article are symbolic only.


1. Predictions of the future made by the astrologer Nostradamus

As predicted by the visionary Nostradamus 400 years ago, the Third World War will last for 27 years devastating several cities of the world and killing billions of people. The king of terrorism will be defeated and peace will prevail in the world for a thousand years after the Third World War ( As per him, the Third World War would be so horrendous that in its comparison the first two World Wars will seem like a child’s play.


2. Predictions made by Edgar Cayce

The Third World War would be fought in the region of Egypt, Libya. (http:/ Considering the daily news we hear about terrorist activities from Bharat as well as from the world over as a forewarning of the Third World War, we should from now itself take efforts in preparing oneself on physical, psychological, intellectual and spiritual planes, as if in an emergency situation. Only then once the Third World War ends in 2023, with the establishment of Hindu nation, the good times will come as it would be based on the foundation of spiritual practice.


3. Saints

A. His Holiness Gagangiri Maharaj

Many Saints have expressed that the times to come will be so horrendous that even they will want to renounce their bodies.

B. Visionary Saints

The Third World war will commence any time after 2012 and it would be extremely ravaging. Bharat too will be dragged into the war. The devastation caused by nuclear bombs will be massive, villages will be wiped out. After the Third World War the entire earth will have to be purified and many Saints will be needed to accomplish this mission. That is precisely why seekers should increase their spiritual practice.


4. Deities

There will be tsunamis, storms, earthquakes and blackouts. Bharat too will be engulfed with calamities. Terrorists will create a havoc; people will be massacred. Dacoities will happen in the daylight and public would be looted. Land will become barren, rivers will dry up, fields will stagnate with water. There will be no electricity, there will be shortage of medicines, diseases will spread, doctors will be helpless and humans will die all of a sudden. – Deity Shri Halsiddhanath (Through the medium of Shri Done Maharaj, Belgavi District, Venue of prediction : Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa)


The growing intensity of the World Wars


The World War Duration Intensity (%)
The First World War 1914-1918 1
The Second World War 1939-1945 1.5
The Third World War 2015-2023 4.5

Wrath of nature and the survival of mankind at stake

Sometime back a hurricane with a speed of 320 kilometres per hour struck the group of islands in Pacific Ocean and the United Nations Organisation declared that this was a consequence of global warming. The next day there were torrential rains on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean followed by gushing of water with high velocity from the mountains. This resulted in cities in the low plane getting submerged under water killing hundreds of residents. Chile was affected by vast forest fires.


‘Through this special issue may every individual realise the seriousness of the upcoming calamitous times and may he help create this awareness in others as well. Also, may he perform spiritual practice and abide by Dharma to protect himself during these calamitous times. This is my earnest prayer unto God !’ – Editor

The pitiable state during the Second World War

A tsunami

During the Second World War Germany waged war on Britain. Within 4 days, 1.3 million Britons had to be evacuated to safety. Lighting was prohibited during the war period, the roads used to be pitch dark. Even a streak of light through a window would incur a fine. This state prevailed not just for few days or months but for nearly five years. During this war, Germany had trapped Russia in its grip due which its citizens faced starvation and had to survive on leaves of trees and cakes made from sawdust

Bomb blasts in trains


Today Bharat is on the threshold of the Third World War

The proxy war waged by Pakistan against Bharat through the jihadi terrorists is continuing for the past two decades. In the past few years, Pakistan has increased its preparedness for war manifold times. To encroach into Bharat, China has woven a network of roads along its borders. In short, war is inevitable !

अतिवृष्टि: अनावृष्टि: शलभा मूषका: शुका: ।
स्वचक्रं परचक्रं च सप्तैता ईतय: स्मृता: ॥ – कौशिकपद्धति

Meaning : Excessive rainfall, famine, infestation of pests such as grasshoppers, rodents and parrots, civil wars, and attacks by enemies, are the seven types of calamities caused by not abiding by Dharma (Righteousness). Only if the ruler and his subjects abide by Dharma and perform spiritual practice then the intensity of the calamitous times will reduce or it would be bearable.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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