Get prepared at various levels to face the upcoming adverse times, right now!

‘Since the year 2000, seekers are aware about the fast approaching adverse times, but now it is almost at our doorstep. Only few months are left for it to commence. Various Nadi astrologers and visionary saints have predicted that the Third World War will gradually begin after the year 2019. The first phase of the World War will be fought at the psychological level as war between any two countries first begins at that level; for example the U.S.-Korea conflict, China-U.S. conflict etc. Within next 2 or 3 years the World War will be fought at the gross level. Based on the principle that ‘along with the evil some good also gets destroyed’ the righteous and the seekers living in society will also have to face the wrath of the adverse times to some extent.

Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale

In adverse times there is failure of electricity due to storms, earthquakes etc and the transport system breaks down due to shortage of fuel such as petrol, diesel etc. Consequently, cooking gas, food products etc are in scarcity for months together. Even if theyare available then there is rationing of these supplies. In the adverse times, availability of doctors, Ayurvedic doctors, medicines, hospitals etc is next to impossible. Taking all these things into consideration and to be able to face the adversity, everyone needs to be prepared at the physical, psychological, familial, economic and spiritual level. General guidelines on this are given further. Try to follow them as much as possible from today itself.


1. Preparedness at physical level for the adverse times

1A. Do the following to avail
protection from man-made or natural calamities !

1A 1. Perform the ritual of agnihotra daily to prevent life-threatening effects of radiation from nuclear weapons which will be used in the upcoming Third World War

Read the Holy texts published by Sanatan on this topic.

1A 2. At least one family member must be equipped with first-aid training

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti conducts free ‘First-aid training camps’ at various venues. Everyone should attend these training workshops and get themselves trained. (A Holy text titled ‘First-aid Training (Part 3)’ from Sanatan’s publication is also available.)

1A 2A. Keep a ‘first-aid kit’ ready for use in the family

Prepare a first-aid kit with painkiller tablets and ointment, gauze and tape (to be wrapped on wound), tablets for common diseases such as fever, vomiting etc. Keep the kit at a place where it is easily reachable. Instead of placing tablet strips, put the tablets in an airtight container and label with name of tablet, ailment for which it can be used, date of manufacture and date of expiry. This is to ensure that the expiry date of the tablet is not lost when a tablet is taken out from the strip.(Additional details on the first aid kit are given in Sanatan’s Holy text ‘First-aid training – Examining the victim, saving the critical victim’s life and first-aid on ailments associated with shock’.)

1A 3. At least one family member must be trained in firefighting

Sanatan has published a Holy text too on this subject.

1A 4. At least one family member should get trained on ‘Emergency support training’.

1B. Do the following to prevent
deaths due to shortage of food and water

1B 1. Dry pulses, wheat etc in the sun and store them in airtight containers in sufficient quantities. Also stock other material such as matchboxes which will last for at least 5 years.

1B 2. If you own a piece of land in the village then commence cultivation of vegetables, rice, pulses etc and also start rearing cattle.

1B 3. Set up an earthen cooking stove in the house, learn to cook on it and learn to use olden gadgets such as the grinding stone instead of an electric mixer in cooking : Habituate yourself to using old gadgets such a grinding stone, mortar and pestle etc so that day-to day living in later period will not be difficult.

1B 4. Use equipment which work on solar energy : Solar energy can be leveraged for cooking. To be able to do so, install a solar unit and procure equipment such as solar cooker. Solar energy can also be used to light bulbs, to heat water for bathing, etc.

1B 5. If a well is not available close to your home, then get one constructed immediately : In adverse times in case the civic administration is unable to supply water, then it can be drawn from a well close to your home. People staying in close vicinity can get together and get a well dug immediately.

1C. Due to unavailability of doctors,
vaidyas, medicines, hospitals etc in the forthcoming
adverse times, do the following to overcome diseases !

1C 1. Plant medicinal plants and start using them as needed

Start growing medicinal plants on your terrace, in your surroundings or at village home. (Sanatan’s Holy texts ‘Growing medicinal plants based on available land’ and ‘How to grow medicinal plants’ gives detailed information on growing medicinal plants and its uses to treat various diseases. Holy text on ‘Simple Ayurvedic home remedies’ is also getting published shortly.) Start using medicinal plants as needed.

1C 2. Learn ‘Acupressure therapy’, ‘Spiritual remedies on ailments caused by obstructions in the Pranshakti (vital energy) flow system’, ‘Empty box remedies’ and chants for curing ailments and start using them as required from now itself

Sanatan has published Holy texts on these subjects as well.

1C 3. Consult your local Ayurvedic doctor and stock Ayurvedic medicines, as required for your family, appropriately such that they will last for next few years.

1D. Other points

1D 1. Ensure that you take treatment requiring advance medical equipment such as eye surgery, dental treatment etc. immediately.

1D 2. Gradually reduce your needs such as eating only certain kinds of food, using only hot water for a bath, using a fan continuously and habits such as inability to sleep without airconditioning, inability to walk even for short distances and using vehicles for it.

1D 3. Exercise (e.g. performing suryanamaskar, walking) and perform pranayam (regulated breathing) yogasans (postures), etc. daily to keep the body supple even in adverse conditions.


2. Mental preparedness in the context of adverse times

2A. Undertake autosuggestions to
prevent getting emotionally entangled to relatives

As in the upcoming period family, relatives, friends etc will face difficulties as per their destiny do not get entangled in them at the emotional level. If necessary take autosuggestions.

2B. prepared for separation

Be prepared for separation from your family for short to long term.


3. Preparations to be made at the
family level for the upcoming adverse times

3A. As adverse times are now at our
doorstep as far as possible do not invest in a new flat,
instead consider an option of staying in a rented premises

1. Taking into consideration that in adverse times the buildings can be damaged due to earthquakes, landslides etc., as far as possible avoid investing in buying new houses or flats; instead live in rented premises.

2. In unavoidable circumstances, choose an area which is likely to be safer.

3. Avoid buying a flat located above the third floor because in case of a calamity such as earthquake evacuation from the building upto the third floor is easier.

4. If the current flat is located at a higher floor beyond the third floor, then see if an alternate flat is available.

3B. If you have a home in the village
then get it renovated so that you can live there

In the upcoming times due to natural calamities, growing terrorism etc., several cities will get destroyed. In such situation you will have to migrate to the village. Therefore if you own a house in the village then get it maintained immediately so that it is in livable condition.

3C. Recall family members who
have gone abroad for job or business

Bharat is fundamentally a holy land. In the forthcoming adverse times there is a higher probability of other countries being devastated due to prevalence of Raja and Tama as compared to Bharat. Also safe travel to Bharat will be difficult once the war commences.


4. Financial preparedness
from viewpoint of adverse times

Financial scams of several banks are being exposed every day. To keep your money safe choose the following alternatives given below. When investing money make sure that you follow the principle in economics ‘do not put all eggs in one basket’, i.e. invest in various instruments so that if one fund sinks then the money invested elsewhere is still safe.

4A. Ponder on the following points when making investments

4A 1. Savings in various nationalised banks

Distribute your savings in multiple nationalised banks to prevent losing entire money if the bank in which you have saved all money becomes bankrupt. As upto 1 lakh rupees of investment of every account holder is insured in the nationalized bank, maintain savings of maximum of one lakh in each bank.

4A 2. Make your wife and major children aware of your bank account operations

Your family members should be able to do basic bank transactions of depositing or withdrawing money from your account.

4A 3. Investment in valuables such as gold and silver

If you wish to invest in gold then instead of buying ornaments buy pure gold rings. This prevents money loss in breakage. Later no matter what the situation is we can still use such valuables.

4A 4. Investing in land

Buy cultivable land if possible. If one cannot invest in land individually, then few people can come together and buy a piece of land. Investing in land will always reap returns in near or long term.

4B. Those who have invested in
shares should start planning from now itself

Expenses for home such as getting a well dug, making arrangements to setup solar energy is a kind of investment itself.


5. Other points

5A. Start clearing unwanted things from your home

This will ensure damage to minimal things in your home in the adverse times and will also help seekers in reducing attachment for their possessions. As in the adverse times survival is more important than anything else you should be able to leave home with just one bag or suitcase.

5B. Maintain a diary of telephone numbers of the
police station, fire station and other important contacts

In the adverse times if your mobile phone is discharged then it will be tendered useless. Hence telephone numbers of the police station, fire station, nearby hospital etc and their address should be maintained in a separate diary. This will assist in calling from another’s mobile phone or landline phone.

5C. packed briefcase with essential documents

One should be prepared to leave the house immediately in the adverse times, hence keep a briefcase packed with essential documents such as ration card, Aadhar card, bank passbook etc

5D. Rear dogs to guard the house, cows
for milk, ox for a bullock cart, horses for travel etc

Learn rearing of domestic animals. Buy a bicycle, cycle rickshaw, bullock cart, horse carriage etc. Dogs will provide protection from rioters, cows are for milk and ox and horses will help in travel or transportation of the sick.


6. Spiritual preparedness
from the viewpoint of adverse times

6A. There is no alternative to performing spiritual
practice and becoming a devotee of God to be protected
from calamities in the upcoming formidable adverse times

To be able to face the upcoming adverse times perform actions as given in this article. However, even if one excels in learning the remedies of acupressure, stocks ample amount of essential commodities for sufficing needs of the families etc. only if one is saved from natural calamities such as earthquakes and tidal waves (tsunami) capable of uprooting thousands of lives within seconds, only then these preparations would be of any use. It is only God who can save us from such life-threatening calamities. So if you wish that God should save you in such adverse times then perform spiritual practice and devotion. Then no matter how grave the calamity God protects His devotees. There are several such examples to justify this, one of them being Prahlad a devotee of Deity Vishnu. In the Holy Geeta, Shrikrushna has assured ‘न मे भक्तः प्रणश्यति ।’ (My devotees will not perish). It implies that there is no alternative than to performing spiritual practice to survive in any crisis.

6A 1. Seekers should mentally prepare themselves to perform full time spiritual practice by living in the ashram

Some seekers have tried to convince their relatives opposing spiritual practice, about its importance, yet these relatives continue to behave as per their minds. Now that adverse times are at the doorsteps, seekers should ignore such relatives and prepare themselves mentally to perform full time spiritual practice as in Spirituality eventually we have to think of only ‘God and the self. In the adverse times only the spiritual practice and not the relatives or money will be able to save us. Hence for mental preparedness seekers should take guidance from responsible seekers and Saints. To be able to develop the readiness to become a fulltime seeker, one can practice for the events mentioned in A3 suggestions. Also, by staying in the ashram intermittently for seva, the mental preparedness will get firmed up.

6A 2. Perform spiritual practice with seriousness

Try to put each and every point of guidance on spiritual practice published in Sanatan Prabhat periodicals into practice meticulously.

6A 3. Individual spiritual practice should be performed systematically

Seekers should attempt to perform their indivdual spiritual practice meticulously every day.

6A 4. For protection from distress caused by negative energy, perform spiritual remedies with seriousness every day


7. Creating public awareness about the upcoming
adverse times too is a kind of spiritual practice

It is essential to create awareness in the society by informing relatives and friends about the upcoming adverse times, sharing this article with office colleagues for their reading etc. This amounts to repaying the debt unto society and will also be a part of spiritual practice.’ – Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale


Suggestions and appeal

1. The above article has been written to give an idea on how to prepare for the upcoming adverse times in some spheres. A Holy booklet or text giving detailed information on this will be published soon.

2. If experts in the above mentioned spheres or seekers have more points in this regard then within 8 to 10 days they may send us the information. This will help in putting forth the points to the public in greater detail.

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Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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