While relocating from metros and urban areas to towns before the adverse times, do not stay alone but arrange your accommodation with other seekers

An important part of the advance preparations that seekers have to do to deal with adverse times is to make alternative arrangements to stay in towns or Taluka places instead of in metros and big cities. The seekers can buy a house in any town or Taluka place across India as per the criteria given in the accompanying box; however, when relocating from cities with their families, they should not think of living alone in different towns. Instead, seekers can stay in the houses in the neighbourhood of each other in a town that is convenient for every one of them. The stay of seekers together in a town or a Taluka place is complementary in the context of their spiritual practice and also as per times. Here are guiding aspects in the context of this aspect and houses are given ahead.


1. Benefits obtained by seekers in living
with other seekers instead of alone in a town

1 A. From the viewpoint of spiritual practice

1. In the event of adverse times, everyone may have to deal with adversities. If the seekers are close to each other in difficult situations, they can assist others on physical, psychological and spiritual levels. This will create unity and family spirit among the seekers.

2. No matter how unfavourable the external situation is in adverse times, if the seekers are together, they can assist each other in their spiritual practice. This will speed up their spiritual practice and make the time conducive for the enhancement of their spiritual practice.

3. Seekers with a good spiritual level, as well as seekers who strive for spiritual practice with yearning can give direction to others in the context of spiritual practice. This will speed up the spiritual advancement of all.

A sattvic environment like Ashram will be created in every town even in case of adverse times which would be complementary for the spiritual practice

1 B. In the context of propagation of Dharma

1. Seekers can carry out the propagation of Dharma in a united manner wherever possible.

2. Programmes which are possible to carry out and fit for times in the current practice of propagation of Dharma (For example, Namasatsang, Bhavsatsang, Dharmashikshanvarg, Balsanskarvarga) can be implemented in those towns.

1 C. Other benefits

1. The water from the well in the courtyard will be useful in case of adverse times. Some seekers from the vicinity can come together and dig one more well.

2. Rearing cows, farming, cultivation of herbs, etc. can be done together.

3. It is also beneficial for seekers to be close to each other from the point of security.

4. If a seeker is ill, other seekers can treat him according to various treatment methods such as Acupressure, Pranashaktivahan remedy, Chanting-remedy, etc.

5. If a seeker has specific skills (For example, bricklaying, carpentry, planting, sewing), that skill will benefit others too.


2. Aspects of buying houses in the town

Considering all the above benefits, seekers will have to decide to stay in a town that is convenient in all respects by buying or building houses nearby. Only 2-3 of these seekers can take the initiative to select the right town or Taluka place and search or build houses there.

A. You have to spend a lot to meet your basic needs in adverse times. Therefore, seekers should reserve their savings for future adverse times. While thinking of building or purchasing a house in the town, one should pay close attention to how to organise the house at minimum cost.

B. Now that the time is short, priority should be given to buy a ready-made house than to build a house. The decision to build a house can be made only if the house as expected is not readily available. The process of building a house in the town should be completed within the next 5 months; however, do not migrate there right now.

C. In general, when buying a new home, everyone expects the home should be spacious, it should have all the amenities’. However, when arranging a house in the town in case of adverse times, one should think about providing only the essential amenities instead of all the amenities. Understand that we are arranging this house only for adverse times.

D. There should be some open space in the vicinity of the house to be purchased in the town. Medicinal plants, fruits, flowers, leafy vegetables, etc. can be grown in this open space.

The decision regarding the selection of the town as per the criteria given in the above article should not be taken by the seekers on their own but should be guided by the responsible seekers and the further process should be carried out accordingly. If there is any doubt in this regard, the concerned responsible seekers should be consulted.

O’ Seekers, the adverse times are approaching day by day. Considering the severity of times, complete all the above procedures (finding a new place, buying or building a house there) as soon as possible in the next 5 months, by keeping unique faith in Shrikrushna ! Even if the accommodation in the town has been arranged, do not relocate there at present.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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