Nariyal Poornima (Pournima) and Shravani

Nariyal Poornima(Pournima) is a festival celebrated during the change of seasons. During Nariyal Poornima (Pournima) the rainfall decreases. This festival is celebrated along the entire coastline of Bharat with great pomp and splendour.


Nine types of serpents are worshipped. As a result, fear of serpents is overcome


The sister is supposed to tie a rakhi on her brother’s wrist. The emotion in this is that the brother should become prosperous and he should protect his sister.

Narayan Nagbali and Tripindi shradh

Tryambakeshwar, Gokarna, Mahabaleshwar, Garudeshwar, Harihareshwar (South Kashi) and Kashi (Varanasi) are ideal for performing a Tripindi shradh

Tulsi Vivah

Tulsi Vivah consists of uniting Shri Vishnu [an Idol of Balkrushna (Infant Shrikrushna)] and the Tulsi (Basil plant) in wedlock.


On the Dev-diwali, Deities are offered maha-naivedya of at least five delicacies.

How to worship the Goddess during Navratri ?

Science underlying the worship of Goddess during Navratri. Information on Ghatasthapana, Lighting of Akhand deep, Establishing Goddess Ashtabhuja and Navarnav Yantra, Malabandhan, Kumarika pujan, Garba etc.

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