The Devi fought with the demon Mahishasur for nine days from Pratipada to Navami and finally killed him on the night of Navami. Since then, She came to be known as Devi Mahishasurmardini, the annihilator of Mahishasur.

How to worship the Goddess during Navratri ?

Science underlying the worship of Goddess during Navratri. Information on Ghatasthapana, Lighting of Akhand deep, Establishing Goddess Ashtabhuja and Navarnav Yantra, Malabandhan, Kumarika pujan, Garba etc.

Which specific flower should be offered to a specific Goddess?

Specific flowers have better ability to attract the subtlest particles of a specific Deity’s principle. When these flowers are offered to the Deity during worship, they help awaken the idol and the devotee benefits from the chaitanya in the idol.