Uttarpuja (Uttaravahan) of Shri Ganapati Idol

Uttarpuja (Uttaravahan) of Shri Ganapati Idol

Uttarpuja (Uttaravahan)
Uttarpuja (Uttaravahan)

A. Ritual

This puja should be performed before immersing the Shri Ganapati Idol in flowing water. The worship should be performed amidst the recitation of specific mantras as follows –

1. Achaman

2. Sankalpa

श्री उमामहेश्वरसहितसिद्धिविनायकदेवताप्रीत्यर्थम् उत्तराराधनं करिष्ये ।
तदङ्गत्वेन ध्यानगन्धादिपञ्चोपचारपूजनमहं करिष्ये ।
श्री उमामहेश्वरसहितसिद्धिविनायकाय नमः । ध्यायामि ।

(Now, I pay obeisance to Shri Ganapati.)

3. Chandanarpan (Apply sandalwood paste)

श्री उमामहेश्वरसहितश्रीसिद्धिविनायकाय नमः । विलेपनार्थे चन्दनं समर्पयामि ।।
(I am offering chandan to the Deity)

4. Haridra – kumkumarpan (Offering turmeric powder and vermilion)

श्री उमायै नमः । हरिद्रां कुङ्कुमं समर्पयामि ।।
(I am paying obeisance and offering turmeric powder-kumkum to Shri Umadevi)

5. Durvarpan and Pushparpan (Offering patri and flowers)

श्रीसिद्धिविनायकाय नमः । नानाविधपत्राणि समर्पयामि ।।
श्रीसिद्धिविनायकाय नमः । ऋतुकालोद्भवपुष्पाणि समर्पयामि ।।

6. Waving dhoop or incense stick

श्री उमामहेश्वरसहितश्रीसिद्धिविनायकाय नमः । धूपं समर्पयामि ।।

7. Waving lit ghee lamp

श्री उमामहेश्वरसहितश्रीसिद्धिविनायकाय नमः । दीपं समर्पयामि ।।

8. Offering naivedya

श्री उमामहेश्वरसहितश्रीसिद्धिविनायकाय नमः । नैवेद्यं समर्पयामि ।।
अनेन कृतपूजनेन श्री उमामहेश्वरसहितश्रीसिद्धिविनायकः प्रीयताम् ।

Release water from the palm of the right hand into the tamhan while saying ‘प्रीयताम्’

Recite following mantra thereafter.

प्रीतो भवतु । तत्सत् ब्रह्मार्पणमस्तु ।

Take akshata in right hand and recite following mantra

यान्तु देवगणा: सर्वे पूजामादाय पार्थिवात् ।
इष्टकामप्रसिध्द्यर्थं पुनरागमनाय च ।।

(Variation : Haldi and kumkum are offered along with the gandha.)

Thereafter, Arti should be performed and the worship concluded by offering Mantrapushpanjali. Everyone should offer akshata on Shri Ganapati’s hand and move the Idol a little with the right hand.

B. Significance

The aim is that the performer of the puja should get endowed with Shri Ganapatitattva to the maximum. The concluding uttarpuja is the final step in augmenting the absorption of these waves. During the uttarpuja, all the pavitraks (Vibrations of Shri Ganapatitattva) leave the Idol at once. After performing this puja, the Idol is slightly shifted from its place. Due to this, the remaining pavitraks leave the Idol, and hence, the performer of the puja can be their recipient.

In a temple of Shri Ganapati, soon after the mahapuja by a devotee is completed, the uttarpuja is performed. Then the mahapuja by the next devotee is performed. The uttarpuja has a special significance here. Since Shri Ganapati is invited again, it is important that He should be bid farewell (immersed) with equal honour.

Visarjan (Immersion in flowing water)

Immersion in flowing water
Immersion in flowing water

After the uttarpuja, the Idol is immersed in flowing water. When taking the Shri Ganapati Idol for immersion, we should also offer curds, puffed rice, coconut, modak etc. as provision for the journey. Arti should be performed once again beside the reservoir of water intended for immersion and then the Idol immersed along with the provisions into the flowing water. After immersion, it is customary to bring home some earth from the place of immersion and sprinkle it around the house.

An important point regarding the immersion of Shri Ganapati Idol is that the divinity infused in the mud Idol by consecration cannot remain in it beyond one day. This means that no matter when the Shri Ganapati Idol is immersed, the divinity in it is already lost on the second day. Hence, it is most appropriate in all aspects to immerse the Idol of any Deity on that very day or the next after performing uttarpuja. If soyar (Seclusion due to birth in the family) or sutak (Seclusion due to death in the family) is being observed in the family, get the vrat of Shri Ganesh Chaturthi performed by a priest. Similarly, immersion of the Idol on the decided day itself without waiting for an event such as a delivery etc. to take place in the family is approved by the scriptures.

It is said above that, ‘the divinity generated in the Idol because of Pranapratishtha (Ritualistic consecration) cannot last more than a day’. Someone may ask that if this is so, how do the devotees benefit from a twenty-one day worship of Shri Ganapati Idol during the Ganesh festival. The answer is – Though the divinity in the Idol is no more, because of the divinity, Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) remains in the Idol for 21 days. Again, since the Idol is ritualistically worshipped during the Shri Ganesh festival, the Chaitanya in the Idol can increase as per the intensity of spiritual emotion of the devotees.

Reason for immersing the Idol in flowing water

Due to Chaitanya in the Idols of Shri Ganapati on immersion it purifies the water. With the flowing water, this Chaitanya reaches far and wide and many people benefit from it. This water evaporates too; hence, it makes the atmosphere sattvik.


Comparative proportion of spiritual benefit obtained
from various services, right from sculpting of the Idol to its
immersion (according to H.H. Parulekar Maharaj, Varad, Sindhudurg District, Maharashtra)

The benefits obtained by those rendering various services, right from sculpting the Idol forShri Ganesh Chaturthi to its immersion are given in the following table.


Sr. No.


Proportion of benefit (%)

1. Sculpting of the Idol
A. Bringing the clay and mixing it 10
B. Giving shape to the Idol 25
C. Painting the Idol 5
D. Giving a shape to the eyes of the Idol as if they are open 15
2. Bringing the Idol home and finally taking it to the site of immersion 11
3. Performing ritualistic worship, singing bhajans (Devotional songs) and Arti (Waving lit lamps) 8
4. Preparing food and offering Naivedya 21
5. Lighting frankincense and a lamp and keeping it burning continuously 5



From this table, the following points will be understood.

A. The proportion of the benefit obtained by the maker of the Idol is maximum – 55%. However, this happens only if the spiritual emotion of the Idol maker is that of serving Shri Ganapati. Greater the commercial outlook while rendering this service, lesser will be the spiritual benefit from it.

B. In many families, the responsibility of bringing home the Shri Ganapati Idol and taking it to the site of immersion is allotted to someone by paying him money. The table also illustrates how beneficial this service is if performed by oneself.

C. By performing ritualistic worship, Arti etc. only the mind gets surrendered unto God’s feet; whereas, by making the Idol, preparing the Naivedya etc. the body as well as the mind get surrendered unto His feet. Hence, the benefit obtained from these services is comparatively higher.

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy text ’Shri Ganapati’

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