Banteay Srei : The Deity Shiva temple in Phnom Dei village, Cambodia

In the 10th century, King Rajendravarman II ruled Yashodharpura. He gave away a huge piece of land to his 2 ministers who established a town named ‘Ishwarpur’ there. It is now known as Phnom Dei village, Cambodia. In the center of the town they built a temple ‘Tribhuvan Maheshwar’ or ‘Banteay Srei’.

Shri Attivarad Perumal Swami, Kanchipuram (Tamil Nadu)

‘Shiv-Kanchi’ and ‘Vishnu-Kanchi’ are the two twin Mokshapuris. Shrivishnu temple at ‘Vishnu-Kanchi’ is one of the 108 divine places of Shrivishnu and it is called as Shri Varadraj Perumal Mandir. This temple has a huge importance in Hindu Dharma. The ancient idol of Varadraj Shri Vishnu is taken out of the pond, after every 40 years, so that devotees can have darshan of it.

Shri Dev Kunkeshwar : The Kashi of Konkan

The Shrikshetra Kunkeshwar at Devgad in Sindhudurg district is referred to as Kashi of Konkan. Kashi has 108 Shivalingas while Kunkeshwar has 107. This article gives a concise information on this place of pilgrimage.

Darshan taken by Shrichitshakti (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil of Shri Chandi-Chamunda Devi, the form of Adishakti, at Chotila (Gujarat)! 

Saptarshi said further, “Chandi-Chamunda’ Devi’s idols are on a mountain in Chotila village. Though we see two Devi forms here, they are one from within. Chandi and Chamunda are the forms of Adishakti. The two spiritual successors of Paratpar Guru Dr. Athavale, Shrisatshakti (Mrs.) Binda Singbal and Shrichitshakti (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil are forms of Devi Chandi and Chamunda.

Shrichitshakti (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil’s visit to ‘Manikarna Taptakunda’ (Dist. Kullu) that was created with the air blown by Sheshnag!

There is a town named Kullu in Devbhoomi Himachal Pradesh. There are several divine places in all four directions surrounding this town. Kullu means ‘Kulantpeeth’ of earlier times where human descent ends and divine descent begins; it means the abode of Deities i.e. ‘Kulantpeeth!’ Manikarna is located in the region of Kullu.