Spiritual experiences of Shrichitshakti (Mrs) Anjali Gadgil after taking darshan of Shri Vaidyanatheshwar Shiva at Areyuru (Karnataka) 

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1. History of Shri Vaidyanatheshwar Shiva temple at Areyuru and the reason for Shiva being known as Shri Vaidyanatheshwar

Thousands of years ago, Sage Dadhichi came to this place from the Himalayas and had built an ashram (Hermitage). He consecrated a Jyotirlinga in the ashram. Sage Dadhichi, along with the other Sages, used to prepare medicines from the divine plants in this ashram; therefore, Deity Shiva in the ashram got the name of Shri Vaidyanatheshwar.


2. More than a thousand years’ old ancient temple from the regime of Chola Kings!

This temple is located in the scenic village of Areyuru in Tumkuru district, 90 kms from Bengaluru, the Capital city of Karnataka. The present temple is more than a thousand years old and from the regime of Chola kings. The specialty of this Shivalinga is that when a lighted lamp is kept in front of it, its flame can be seen even on Shivalinga. For this reason as well, the local people might be calling it a ‘Jyotirlinga’.

– Shri. Vinayak Shanbhag, Bengaluru, Karnataka (26.7.2021)


3. Shrichitshakti (Mrs) Anjali Gadgil’s visit to Shri Vaidyanatheshwar Mandir on the holy day of Guru Pournima!

Saptarshis had told through ‘Jeevanadipatti’ that, ‘On the day of Guru Pournima (on 23.07.2021), Shrisatshakti (Mrs.) Binda Singbal should perform ritualistic worship of the picture specially made as instructed by Maharshi at Ramnathi (Goa) and at the same time, Shrichitshakti (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil should have darshan of Shri Vaidyanatheshwar Shiva located in Areyuru, Tumkur taluka of Karnataka and perform consecration by ritualistic bathing with water, milk, etc. of the Shivalinga, perform ritualistic worship, and subsequently listen to ‘Chamkam’ mantra from the Vedas. She should also offer prayers for the good health of all seekers of Sanatan.’

Shri Vaidyanatheshwar Shivalinga and the crystal Shivalinga given by Saptarshi (enlarged and shown in the circle) to Shrichitshakti (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil


4. Shrichitshakti (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil getting spiritual experience that the darshan taken of Shri Vaidyanatheshwar’s on the day of Guru Pournima was indeed a divine plan

As per the instructions given by Saptarshis, on 23.7.2021 at 10.30 a.m., Shrichitshakti (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil reached Shri Vaidyanatheshwar temple. At that time, abhishek was being performed on the Shivalinga. After some time, the priest recited ‘Chamkam’ mantras from the Vedas and we seekers, felt that everything was happening as per God’s planning.

Shrichitshakti (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil



Shri. Vinayak Shanbhag

5. Trustees of the temple honoring Shrichitshakti
(Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil by presenting a shawl and garlanding her

Shrichitshakti (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil being honored by the temple trustees with a shawl and garland


Shrichitshakti (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil’s mudra displaying spiritual emotion after being felicitated by the temple trustees


6. Spiritual experiences

6A. While sitting in front of the Deity in the temple, Shrichitshakti (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil getting a vision of Deity Shiva in emerald color dancing in the Shivalinga and a co-seeker informing about a place known as ‘Kunigal which is 30 kms from the temple and is said to be Deity Shiva’s region of dancing

While sitting in front of the Shivalinga in the temple, for the first time Shrichitshakti (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil got a vision of Deity Shiva Himself dancing in the Shivalinga. Deity Shiva’s color was of an emerald. She said, “I felt as if Deity Shiva was dancing when His aarti was being sung and I, in the form of Parvati, was watching the dance.” After some time, she felt that she was ‘Kali Mata’. When Kali-Mata was dancing, the ‘Rundamal (A string of skulls worn around her neck)’ was also moving. She felt that her one form was dancing in the form of Kali Mata and another form was watching the dance.

When Shrichitshakti (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil quoted her spiritual experience to us, a co-seeker Shri. Vineet Desai mentioned that there’s a village named Kunigal which is about 30 kms from this temple. Kunigal is said to be Nrutya-kshetra (Region of dance) of Deity Shiva. In the Kannada language, ‘Kuni’ means dance and ‘gal’ means stone. In ancient times, Deity Shiva and Devi Parvati had visited that place and since they performed dance in that region, the place came to be known as ‘Nartanpuri’. Whenever the water level of a lake in that village rose, the stones in the lake appeared to be moving up and down. The local people, therefore, called them dancing stones and the place got the name ‘Kunigal’. With this explanation, the reason behind the vision of Deity Shiva dancing in the Shivalinga was later understood.

6B. Shrichitshakti (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil getting a subtle vision of
thousands of snakes after entering the temple, existence of a divine serpent in
reality and it not allowing anyone to enter the temple if all austerities were not observed by people

As Shrichitshakti (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil entered the temple of Shri Vaidyanatheshwar, she had a subtle vision of thousands of serpents around. The trustees said that there is a Shivalinga (Halu Rameshwar) under the ground near the temple; from there, a divine serpent sometimes comes to this temple. If any mistake happens related to the observance of austerities, the serpent sits at the main entrance of the temple and doesn’t allow anyone to go inside.

Shri. Vinayak Shanbhag, Bengaluru, Karnataka (26.7.2021)
Subtle : The gross sense organs of a person are the nose, ears, eyes, tongue, and skin. Something that is beyond these 5 sense organs, mind, and intellect is subtle. After making spiritual progress, few people are able to perceive subtle vibrations. There is a reference to such subtle knowledge in various holy scriptures.

The spiritual experiences published in this article are as per the principle ‘where there is spiritual emotion, there God exists’ and are the personal experiences of seekers/Sadguru and may not be felt by one and all.-Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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