Shri Attivarad Perumal Swami, Kanchipuram (Tamil Nadu)

‘Shiv-Kanchi’ and ‘Vishnu-Kanchi’ are the two twin Mokshapuris. Shrivishnu temple at ‘Vishnu-Kanchi’ is one of the 108 divine places of Shrivishnu and it is called as Shri Varadraj Perumal Mandir. This temple has a huge importance in Hindu Dharma. The ancient idol of Varadraj Shri Vishnu is taken out of the pond, after every 40 years, so that devotees can have darshan of it.

Shri Hingalajmata temple : Shaktipeeth in Pakistan where Devi Sati’s Brahmarandhra fell

One of the 51 seats of Divine Energy (Shaktipeethas), the temple of Shri Hingalajmata lies in a thickly forested valley in the Lari Taluka of Balochistan in Pakistan. This temple situated in a mountain cavern of the Makran Desert on the banks of River Hingol is sacred to millions of Hindus. This is where the Brahmarandhra (aperture on the crown of the head) of Devi Sati had fallen.