Chant of Shrikrushna

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For quick generation of devotion and spiritual emotion and to derive maximum benefit from the Principle of a Deity, it is absolutely essential to pronounce the Name of the Deity appropriately. To be able to do this, let us listen to the audio clip to understand the correct method of chanting the Name of Shrikrushna.


Meaning of the word ‘Vasudev’

Let us first try to comprehend the meaning of the word ‘Vasudev’ from the chant ‘Om Namo Bhagawate Vasudevaya’. Vasudev is one of the Names of Shrikrushna and is created from two word ‘Vasu’ and ‘dev’. Vasaha in Sanskrut means state. Thus it means that the Deity who imparts the frequencies essential for embodied souls to attain a specific state is Vasudev, which means Shrikrushna.


Chanting the Name evoking savior spiritual emotion

When chanting ‘Om Namo Bhagawate Vasudevaya’ for generating savior form of spiritual emotion, prolong every syllable in it. Do not emphasize on any word. Utter every word gently. Let us now try to chant following this principle.

The chanting is of type savior or destroyer based on either the savior or destroyer form of the Deity with which it is associated. For greater details read further.


Derive maximum benefit from Shrikushna Principle

On Shrikrushnajanmashtami (Birth tithi of Shrikrushna), Shravan krushna ashtami (eighth day of the dark fortnight of the Hindu lunar month of Shravan) the Shrikrushna Principle is  thousand times more active than on other days. Hence derive maximum benefit by chanting ‘Om Namo Bhagawate Vasudevaya’ to the maximum extent possible on this day.

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy booklet ‘Shrikrushna’.

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