‘Mantras’ and Mandirs are energy-sources curing diseases : Pujya (Dr.) Shukla

Pune : ‘Sanskruti’ is the ‘Veda’ of Indians and ‘Sanskruti’ helps in knowing spirituality. Astrology is a science. ‘Mantra’ and Mandirs are energy-sources which cure diseases, said ‘Pujya’ (Dr.) Raghunath Shukla. (Slap to so-called intellectuals ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) Series of lectures were organized on behalf of ‘Gopal High School and Junior College’ on the subject of ‘Bharatiya Sanskruti and Vidnyan’ between 5th and 8th December. On the first day of this program, ‘Pujya’ Dr. Shukla was guiding on the subject of ‘Adhyatma and Vidnyan (Spirituality and Science)’.

He said, “We should have knowledge of Spirituality. Where there is soul, it gets connected to Universe. It gains knowledge. Students should decide what they want to do with their life while they are studying and they should introspect on the same. They should study incidents happening instead of just knowledge given in books. One, who does good work, gets benefit out of it. We should have ‘bhav’ that God only gives everything.”


‘Tulasi’ is gifted and should be used as
much as possible ! – Dr. Pradip Kurulkar

We need bacteria known as ‘e-coli’ in very less quantity. It grows into fungus if it is kept separately but when kept with ‘Tulasi’, it grows only as much as is necessary and ‘Tulasi’ also creates 2 ‘dhatu/ elements’ which proves that ‘Tulasi’ is gifted. Earlier, our ancestors made use of ‘Tulasi’ on large scale, stated Dr. Pradip Kurulkar on the second of the program while speaking on the subject of ‘Bharatiya Vidnyan – Today and Tomorrow’. He showed his research papers on ‘Importance of Tulasi in Science’. He said that it was true that no bacteria survive in the water of River Ganga but it is necessary to study it through research.


Learning history will give inspiration
for going towards bright future ! – Nilesh Oak

If we study history, we can avoid mistakes committed earlier and get inspiration to move towards bright future, stated Nilesh Oak. He spoke on the topic of ‘Astronomy and mysteries of history’. Shri. Oak explained the method of judging the period from the ‘shlokas’ given in Holy Scriptures like ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata’.

Shri. Oak while explaining the importance of research said that people would realize their seats of power by getting correct knowledge of history which will help in increasing self-confidence. On the last day of the program, Dr. Vidyadhar Borkar gave detailed information on ‘Vidnyaanaachi Anokhi Shaakhaa- Bhoovidnyan’.

During concluding question and answer session, Dr. Pradip Kurulkar said that monsoon was not delayed this year since His Holiness Nana Kale performed ‘Parjanya-yaag’ at 20 places from last October to May by planting seeds of rain in clouds as per science.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat