Jananashanti ritual for baby born in an inauspicious period

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Mr. Raj Karve

Meaning of ‘जनन’ (janana) is birth. Certain problems arise if the baby is born at an inauspicious time or under certain circumstances. The ritual performed for eliminating these is called Jananashanti. Let us learn about it in some detail.


1. Defects arising from birth at inauspicious time

If the birth happens in the conditions given in the table below, then the defect related to inauspicious time affects the newborn.

Element Details
1. Tithi (Lunar day) Fourteenth day of the dark fortnight, new-moon day, kshayatithi (Lunar day which is expunged) (Note 1)
2. Nakshatra (Lunar asterism) Initial 48 minutes of Ashwini nakshatra, 2nd or 3rd charan (Part) of Pushya nakshatra, entire period of Ashlesha nakshatra, 1st charan of Magha nakshatra, 1st charan of Uttara nakshatra, 1st and 2nd charan of Chitra nakshatra, 4th charan of Vishakha nakshatra, entire period of Jyeshtha nakshatra, entire period of Mul nakshatra, 3rd charan of Purvashadha nakshatra and last 48 minutes of Revati nakshatra.
3. Yoga (The relationship between one planet, sign, or house to another by placement, aspect, or conjunction) Vaidhriti (27th yoga) and Vyatipat yoga (17th yoga)
4. Karan (Half of the tithi) Vishti (Bhadra)
5. Parvakal Period of eclipse (Solar or lunar), the moment of the Sun entering a new sign (Movement from one sign to another sign of Zodiac)
6. Other yogas Dagdhayoga, Yamaghantayoga, Mrutyuyoga (Note 2)
Reference :Datey Almanac

Note 1 :Kshayatithi: The lunar day that starts after the sunrise and ends before the sunrise on the next day (i.e. does not experience any sunrise)is called Kshayatithi.

Note 2 :Dagdhayoga, Yamaghantayoga, Mrutyuyoga : Inauspicious yoga created by union of tithi, day and nakshatra.

1 A. Effects of being born in an inauspicious period on the infant

Mr. Nishad Deshmukh

‘According to their destiny, those souls who must suffer more hardships are born in inauspicious times. Such souls imbibe energy in less proportion from the specific planets. An individual born in an inauspicious period faces various types of distress based on the severity of their destiny. If a child with mild destiny is born in an inauspicious period, it suffers from frequent occurrence of fever, weakness, bad dreams etc. If a child with moderate destiny is born in an inauspicious period, then it faces distress such as delay in talking or walking, problems related to intellect etc. When a child having extreme destiny is born in an inauspicious period, then various problems such as lack of interest or delay in developing interest in studies, various types of addictions at the young age, getting distressed by subtle negative energies etc. are faced. By performing Jananashanti as prescribed by astrology, mild and moderate destiny of a soul gets reduced and in case of extreme destiny, the individual gets energy from God to cope.’

– Mr Nishad Deshmukh (Knowledge obtained from subtle), Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa (28.10.2022)


2. Defects that arise due to the birth in specific circumstances

If a child’s birth happens in specific circumstances as given in the table below, then Jananashanti is performed.

Circumstance Details
1. Yamal It means having twins
2. Eknakshatra Child born in same nakshatra as its siblings, mother, or father
3. Trikprasav Birth of a girl after three sons or a boy after three daughters
4. Viparitjanma Having abnormal, less or excess organs
Reference :Dharmasindhu

2 A. Reason behind performing Jananashanti after birth in certain circumstances

Every soul has a different destiny. Some souls have a higher intensity of destiny (suffering episodes) than others. Such souls take birth in specific circumstances. Having twin or ‘Eknakshatra’ children indicates their higher give and take relationship with their immediate family members. When a newborn child is ‘Trikprasav’, it indicates that the family has distress caused by their deceased ancestors. If a child has teeth at birth or abnormal organs, this is an indicator of the fast-moving cycle of its destiny. This means that the child must bear the destined afflictions one after the another. Having less organs at birth signifies that there are more sad events in store in the life of the child. To acquire positive energy from the Deity of Time i.e., from planets and to be able to face such hardships, Jananashanti id prescribed in Hindu Dharma.

– Mr Nishad Deshmukh (Knowledge obtained from subtle)


3. Benefits of performing the Jananashanti ritual for the infant !

Benefits are given in the table below.

Benefit at the subtle level Extent of benefit (%) Actual benefit
1. Vital Energy obtained by the infant 40 A. The child may get affected by various diseases; however, its recovery is faster.

B. Growth of the child is like other children, meaning that the child remains healthy.

2. Subtle Divine protective covering getting formed around the child 30 A. Child getting uninterrupted and peaceful sleep. It does not require to be fed milk or food forcefully.

B. Child does not experience various types of distress repeatedly.

3. Reduction in the intensity of destiny 20 A. Easy access to experts who can provide solutions whenever the child suffers.

B. Once the child grows older, it is able to identify the distress faced thereby obtaining control over it.

4. Others (Receiving blessings from Deities, covering of Maya on its mind and intellect fading away) 10 A. Child being in happier state.

B. Child getting attracted to sattvik people, objects or places.

Total 100

It is not necessary that the child obtains all the above-mentioned benefits after performing the ritual of Jananashanti. The effect varies based on the destiny and the spiritual emotion of the child. It is necessary to perform this ritual in a complete manner and with spiritual emotion as per the directives from the Guru or under the guidance of priests of good spiritual level. In the current times, it is difficult to get priests who will perform the ritual holistically and with spiritual emotion. Despite this, by performing the ritual, the individual is abiding by the scriptures i.e., performing spiritual practice and hence it will definitely derive benefit out of it.’

– Mr Nishad Deshmukh (Knowledge obtained from subtle)


4.  When should the Jananashanti ritual be performed ?

The ritual of Jananashanti should be performed on the 12th day after the birth of the child. There is no need to search for any auspicious time on that day for this ritual. If it is not possible to perform the ritual on the 12th day, then it can be performed on the day when the moon is present in the birth nakshatra of the child or on any auspicious day by observing the auspicious time for the ritual. If there is a delay in performing the ritual of Jananashanti, then its effectiveness reduces. Hence it is beneficial to perform the ritual on time.’

— Mr Raj Karve, Jyotish Visharad, Goa. (28.10.2022)

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