Partial lunar eclipse of October 2023 – Do’s and Don’ts

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1. Partial lunar eclipse

A Partial lunar eclipse will be seen in India on Ashwin Purnima, that is the night intervening the 28th and 29th of October 2023. When the earth comes in between the sun and the moon, it blocks the sunlight falling on the moon and its shadow falls on the moon and moon’s radiance decreases. During this time Moon looks reddish grey in colour. If the earth’s shadow partially falls on the moon, then a Partial Lunar eclipse is seen, also known as Khandagraas Chandra Grahan.


2. These places will experience the lunar eclipse

Along with India, this partial Lunar Eclipse will be seen in whole of the Asian continent, Europe, Africa, Russia, and Australia. (Reference: Daate Panchang)

2 A. The timing of partial Lunar Eclipse all over India

2 A 1. Start : 29.10.2023 at 1:05 AM

2 A 2. Maximum : 29.10.2023 at 1:44 AM

2 A 3. End : 29.10.2023 at 2:23 AM

2 B. ‘Grahanparva’ (total period from the start up
till the end of eclipse) (Note 1) Total period of Partial Lunar Eclipse

1 hour 18 mins

Note 1 : ‘Parva’ means ‘parvani’ , which means period of merits (punyakaal). The period from the start of the eclipse up till its end is the period of merits. During this period if we remain in communion with God, we are benefited spiritually.

2 C. Vedh period – The perception of start of the eclipse

Mrs. Prajakta Joshi

2 C 1. Meaning

Before the eclipse, the moon starts coming into the shadow of the earth. Hence its radiance begins to decrease gradually. This process is called as perception of start of the eclipse.

2 C 2. Duration 

This lunar eclipse will be seen in the third ‘prahar’ of night.(Note 2). Hence the eclipse rules should be followed three ‘prahar’ before that means from 3.14 PM on 28.10.2023 up till 2.23 AM on 29.10.2023. (Reference : Daate Panchang)

Note 2 : One ‘prahar’ is made up of three hours. There are 4 ‘prahar’ in the day time and 4 ‘prahar’ in the night time. So, one day has a total of 8 ‘prahars’


3. The rules to be followed during the period of lunar eclipse

At the start of the eclipse activities like, ‘having bath, worship of deities, routine work, chanting and shraddha’ can be performed. Having food during this period is forbidden. Hence, do not consume food item. But if required, activities like drinking water, going to toilet and taking rest can done. But during the actual eclipse all these activities are forbidden. Children, weak and sick individuals and pregnant women should follow the eclipse rules on 28.10.2023 from 7.41 PM on wards.

3 A . Importance of following the eclipse rules from viewpoint of health !

3 A 1. At Physical and material level

During the period of the eclipse, there is rise in the number of microbes in the environment and so, food is spoiled faster. Also, immunity is low during this period. Just as the food cooked at night becomes stale food next day morning, similarly the food cooked before the start of the eclipse is considered stale after the end of the eclipse. Hence the leftover food should be disposed off after the end of the eclipse. These rules are not applicable only for the milk and the water. Milk and water stored before the start of the eclipse can be used even after the end of the eclipse.

3 A 2. At Psychological level

The eclipse period affects the mental health also. Psychiatrist’s say that few individuals have psychological problems like feeling of despair increase in the stress etc.

Spiritual practice performed during the period of eclipse bears fruits which is thousand times more than the routine time. Hence it is important to give priority to the spiritual practice during the period of eclipse. If we immerse ourselves in chanting, recitation of hymns, meditation and other religious rituals from the starting of the eclipse up till its end, we definitely reap its benefits.


4. Do’s and Don’ts during the lunar eclipse

4 A. Prohibited activities

During the period of eclipse, activities like sleeping, going to toilet, massaging body with warm oil, eating major meals, eating food and having any kind of drinks, and satisfying lust are prohibited.

4 B. Activities which can be done

1. Have bath immediately after the start of the eclipse.

2. During the prime eclipse, worship of god, offering water, shraddha, chanting, havan (offering of oblations in the fire) and giving an offering (donation) should be done.

3. If for some reason, any mantra chant was violated in the past, its chanting can again be restarted in the period of eclipse and the benefits it reaps during this period are infinite.

4. Have bath again after the end of the eclipse.

If any individual has ‘ashouch’ (period of abstinence), then such an individual can have bath and can offer donation or offerings during the period of eclipse.


5. The predictions for different astrological signs for the eclipse period

5 A. Auspicious : Mithun, Karka, Vraschik, Kumbh

5 B. Inauspicious : Mesha, Vrushabh, Kanya, Makar

5 C. Mixed : Simha, Tula, Dhanu, Meena

Those with astrological signs which will have inauspicious effects and the pregnant women should not watch lunar eclipse.
(Reference : Daate panchang)

– Mrs Prajakta Joshi (Jyotish Falit Visharad), Kudal, Maharashtra

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