Valentine’s Day – A cultural conversion of Hindus !

 HJS call youth to oust 'Valentine's Day'
HJS call youth to oust ‘Valentine’s Day’

Focussing their attention on only materialistic development while dreaming about making Bharat a ‘Super Power’, the so-called secular rulers have completely neglected our culture. As a result of this, youth of this country is keen on following the western culture like ‘Valentine’s Day’ forgetting great Bharatiya culture.

Table of content

1. Introduction

2. The History of Christian Saint (?) Valentine

3. ‘Valentine’s Day’ (14th February) is not celebrated in many of the western countries!

4. What is the harm in celebrating ‘Valentine’s Day’ ?

5. The detrimental effects of ‘Valentine’s Day’!

6. ‘Valentine’s Day’ confers no spiritual benefit !

7. Bharatiya youth, do not blindly ape the Western culture but follow our age-old traditions and values!

8. An appeal to devout and patriotic citizens for Protection of Culture!

9. Remember the National Heroes for the protection of Nation and Dharma!

10. It is time to change the days that defy our ethos ! – H.H. Dr. Jayant Athavale, Sanatan Sanstha

1. Introduction

14th February is popularly known as ‘Valentine’s Day’. Adolescent girls and boys express their love for each other by exchanging flowers and gifts as a token of love on this day. Most of the times, these adolescents indulge in immoral acts under the pretext of ‘Valentine’s Day’. Does real love require this superficial display and can it be confined to just one day? ‘Valentine’s Day’ is responsible for the propagation of western culture and incitement of youth towards unrestrained behaviour. It is the western custom to put parents in old age homes and then celebrate flashy Mother’s Day and Father’s Day love which is put on display for just one day ! Now this foolish tradition is taking root in our beloved Hindustan which has the richest and the most sublime culture in the world.

Is love only limited to physical attraction ? Love is present in sacred relationships such as the Guru and the disciple, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers and even towards ones motherland. If young revolutionaries, such as Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev, Madan Lal Dhingra and Chapekar brothers who sacrificed their lives in their youth, had spent their days celebrating days such as Valentine’s, then we would never be able to enjoy freedom today. What pain their souls must be suffering in seeing their dreams being shattered in this way !

Shivaji Maharaj took the vow of establishing Hindavi Swarajya at a tender age of sixteen and went on to unite the Mawala youth of his age and thus sowed the seeds of Swarajya (self-governance) and pride in Dharma. Why don’t we look at these great people as our ideal? Do you really think that the so-called ‘Saint Valentine’ who directs the youth towards the wrong path of allurement of woman is superior to the above mentioned Great men?

It is said that love can conquer the world; then why couldn’t we win Kashmir with love? If the love of ‘Valentine’ is so powerful then why can’t his love change the hearts of terrorists creating havoc in Kashmir and killing innumerable innocent brethren of ours in rest of Hindustan? In today’s times, when 10 young terrorists from Pakistan attack our country with an intention to destroy it, why should our young generation in contrast get trapped in the celebration of ‘Valentine’s Day’ ? Therefore, this is a call to harness the power of our youth to turn them towards the defence of the Nation and Dharma

O, Hindu Youth, Why fall prey to ‘Valentine’s Day’? Instead, get ready to fight the calamities befalling the Nation and Hindu Dharma!

2. The History of Christian Saint (?) Valentine

In the olden days, Rome had the culture of Idol-worship. In those days, the period between February 13 to 15, used to be celebrated as the ‘Reproduction Festival’ and was called ‘Lupercalia’. However to destroy their culture of idol worship and their Christianisation, Pope Gelasius I connected Valentine with 14th February and started the practice of celebrating ‘Valentine’s Day’. There was no connection , whatsoever, between ‘Valentine’s Day’ and ‘Love’ until the fourteenth century.

Similarly according to some, in third century AD, Saint Claudius II was a king of Rome. With a view to strengthen his army, he gave a call to all the youth to join the army. He even made it compulsory for them to join the army, thinking that if they marry, they would be busy with their household and that would obstruct their love and duty towards their country. So he forced them not to marry. The people of the country did not appreciate this decision much. One of them was Christian priest, ‘Saint Valentine’. He rebelled against the king’s order. He instigated the youth against the king. Finally the king imprisoned him and gave a punishment to hang him. While in jail, he was in love with the jailor’s daughter. Valentine who had renounced all worldly things to become a priest, himself got lured by the young daughter of the jailor. ‘Valentine’s Day’ is celebrated in his memory. What benefit are Hindus going to derive by remembering such sinful Valentine?

3. Do you know that ‘Valentine’s Day’ (14th February) is not celebrated in many of the western countries ?

Bharatiyas feel great by celebrating averse western days like ‘Valentine’s Day’ due to slavery to westerners. The fact is that in many western countries ‘Valentine’s Day’ is not celebrated at all. Not only this, but while publishing the revised calendar of the Roman Catholic Saints in general, ‘Valentine’s Day’ is omitted in it. If this is so, then why should it be given so much importance in Bharat? Religious festivals, vowed religious observances (Vrat-Vaikalye) which have originated through Bharat’s glorious culture are unparalleled.

There is science behind every Hindu festival. The sages and mendicants have written down in scriptures, how to celebrate each festival, what are its physical, mental and spiritual benefits etc. Many have attained glory by celebrating them even now. By following our culture, we enhance good qualities and at the same time, remove our personality defects. We imbibe Values. On the whole, Bharatiya culture is beneficial to the entire humanity. The youth should put forth the ideals of Hindu National leaders and they should try to celebrate their Birth and Death Anniversaries (Jayanti and Smrutidin), thereby imbibing their qualities. It is everyone’s duty to protect our culture and Nation from such western perverse attacks.

4. What is the harm in celebrating ‘Valentine’s Day’ ?


1. There is no scientific or cultural basis to celebrating this day.

2. Valentine, the ‘saint’ himself was involved in the anti-national acts in his times, then how can one get any benefit by celebrating this day in his name ?

3. On this day, young girls and boys come together at pubs, sea shores, hotels, colleges etc. and indulge in indecent acts. A common person feels embarrassed to even go around such places at this time. Some organisations organize such programs wherein young boys and girls can stay together.

4. The young students of schools and colleges are falling prey to this alien cultural (?) influence and express their ‘love’ for each other by way of exchanging greeting cards. In reality, what they experience at this tender and immature age is not love but a mere superficial attraction to the opposite sex.

5. Psychiatrists can site several cases of people who have ‘proposed’ on ‘Valentine’s day’ due to various shades of mental turmoil. Women who have been duped or lured by them and have married them have had to suffer great mental and physical torture.

6. This practice is damaging as it results in a long lasting negative effect on any youth’s career and also on society.

7. The seeds of immorality planted on this day later result into the destabilization of society, thanks to the general fall in morality.

8. We can visualize a direct attack from an enemy outside, but this cultural invasion is insidious and very difficult to recognize and so it is difficult to defend ourselves from its evil results.

9. Cultural derailment always results in society heading towards destruction. This is what we are experiencing today in our Bharat (India).

10. Many western countries do not celebrate this day. The Calendar of Roman Catholic Saints’ was prepared in 1969, ‘Valentine’s Day’ was omitted from the general Roman calendar. If this is so, then why should we honour this day in our Hindustan?

11. Western culture provides for placing parents in ‘old age homes’ and then superficially celebrates ‘Mother’s Day’ and ‘Father’s Day’ for just one day ! Can real love be limited to just a day ? Indian culture has a number of festivals that express love towards each other and these deep rooted bonds of love are an intrinsic part of our lifestyle.

5. Detrimental effects of ‘Valentine’s Day’ !

Today, we are blindly imitating the western culture under the name of ‘Valentine’s Day’. The young students of schools and colleges are falling prey to such culture and express their love to each other by way of exchanging greeting cards. But actually speaking it is not love but a mere attraction to the opposite sex at a tender and immature age. During my practice of over 15 years, I have seen several such mentally ill patients who have stuck to their mental illness by ‘proposing’ on ‘Valentine’s Day’. Following are some live examples –

1. One day, one couple came to the Panchakarma Department of ‘Yerala Ayurved College’ for undergoing Pancha Karma treatment and health consultation. The woman was a Maharashtrian and the man was from Punjab. They had done inter-caste marriage. Both of them were studying at a private college. They were classmates. They had proposed to each other by way of exchanging love in the form of a greeting card on a Valentines Day function in the college. After the marriage however the man was found to be a sadist. The different nature and environment affected her emotional, mental and spiritual development and her condition deteriorated into a grave mental illness.

2. In a second case, a couple visited the ‘Keraliya Ayurved Centre’ at Panvel for psychological treatment. The husband was a Malyali and his wife a Maharashtrian. They got acquainted with each other while working in the office. They got married on Valentine’s Day by going to a church. However after marriage she came to realize the huge difference between their culture, language, customs and in their intellectual level of functioning. This made a huge impact on the woman and lead to her health deteriorating. – Dr. Rajiv Bhosekar, Psychiatrist, Hyderabad, AP, Bharat.

6. ‘Valentine’s Day’ confers no spiritual benefit !

1. In case of festivals and celebrations as per the Hindu Dharma, humans benefit from the divine frequencies transmitted from the Universe on these days. On the contrary, there is no such benefit in case of ‘Valentine’s Day.’

2. Various days of the likes of ‘Valentine’s Day’ that have originated from the blind emulation of the western culture are based on materialism. A person who follows them acquires the raja-tama (raja-passion, tama-inertia and ignorance) pre-dominant state due to degradation of values and decency. On the contrary, regular practise of values, festivals, traditions and religious observances as per the Hindu culture helps one acquire a sattvik (pious) state of mind and makes one happy, content and balanced.

7. Bharatiya youth, do not blindly ape the
Western culture, but follow our age-old traditions and values !

When someone extends a helping hand, a Westerner will acknowledge it by offering ‘thanks’ and walk away; whereas an Indian will never forget a good deed or a favour bestowed upon him by someone. Parents relentlessly toil for our happiness since our birth and it is next to impossible to repay this debt. That is the precise reason why the parents have been treated as Guru in Indian culture. Indian culture encourages the youth to express their love and respect for their parents by bowing and seeking their blessings everyday. We do not celebrate ‘Father’s or Mother’s day’ like Westerners. Present Indian young generation is blindly following Western culture by celebrating ‘Friendship Day’, ‘Valentine’s Day’, ‘Rose Day’, ‘Jeans’s Day’ etc. Such celebrations do not exhibit true love and gratitude but is an excuse for enjoyment and is just a formality without any meaning. The love shown through such celebration is restricted to a day. Today’s youth should realize that what one owes to his parents can not be repaid by ‘cutting cake’, ‘presenting a greetings card’ or by celebrating a ‘Day’; but the real repayment would be to become an ideal son or an ideal daughter i.e. to become an ideal citizen, to look after them like the great devotee ‘Bhakta Prahlad’.

8. An appeal to devout and patriotic citizens for Protection of Culture !

Meet Principals, Professors, the Board of Directors and Representatives of Students’ organizations by going to Schools, Colleges and Private tuitions and request them to educate the youth against the observation of ‘Valentine’s Day’ !

Create awareness in this regard amongst friends and contacts.

Distribute pamphlets such as this to prevent the celebration of ‘Valentine’s Day’ !

Display the banners or boards in your area with such contents !

Lodge protests with those companies manufacturing greeting cards meant for canvassing ‘Valentine’s Day’!

Lodge protests with such colleges who silently give consent for celebrating ‘Valentine’s Day’ by way of actual visits, telephone calls or other constitutional ways !

9. Remember the National Heroes for the protection of Nation and Dharma !

The time has come when all the people including the young generation have to be explained about the depth in the divine meaning of Love. It is the need of the hour that those national heroes who have sacrificed so much for the love of this Hindu land ought to be remembered not only for the benefit of the young generation but also for the whole population to get ready for the protection of our languages, our Nation and our Dharma. Therefore, do celebrate the following remembrance day programmes in February !

1. Death Anniversary of Revolutionary Vasudev Balwant Phadke (17th February)

2. Birth Anniversary of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (19th February)

3. Death Anniversary of Swatantryaveer V.D.Sawarkar (26th February)

4. Martyrdom Day of Chandrashekhar Azad (27th February)

On these occasions we can arrange worship to the images of these heroes and lectures in schools, colleges, Chowks (crossings) and educate the people about the current state of our languages, our nation and our Dharma.

Prevent the intellectual and cultural proselytization (conversion) of Hindus on ‘Valentine’s Day’!

10. It is time to change the days that
defy our ethos ! – H.H. Dr. Jayant Athavale, Sanatan Sanstha


H.H. Dr. Athavale
H.H. Dr. Athavale

Since Hinduism is ancient and eternal, it relates everything to various forms of God. Following examples will bring home the Greatness of Hinduism. They will also throw light on how the Bharatiyas are still under the psychological bondage of the British.

Example 1: The frequencies of Prajapati come to the Earth in larger measures on the day of Gudipadva. However instead of celebrating that day as the ‘New Year’ day, the Government celebrates 1st January as the New Year’s day, which is not based on any Principle whatsoever.

Example 2: Instead of calculating time based on the Bhartiya Culture (‘Shalivahan Shaka’), the Government uses the Christian Era (A.D.), which has no relevance to any particular time or zone.

Example 3: The Guru Principle decends on Earth in large measures on the day of Gurupournima. In all fairness, that day should be celebrated as ‘Teachers Day’. However it is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Ex-President Dr.Radhakrishnan.

In “Hindu Rashtra”, we are going to change all such things which are not related to Hindu Religion and Culture in anyway.