The most important day in Dhanurmas

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The five Thursdays and Fridays of the Hindu calendar month of Dhanurmas (which overlaps with approximately the second half of December and about the first half of January in the Gregorian calendar) are extremely important. Being completely focused on devotional activities such as worshipping Shrivishnu, chanting His Name, listening to the Bhagvatkatha (Holy stories of Shrivishnu), performing religious vows, giving donations, donation of lit oil lamps, attending satsang and performing karma (Actions) without any expectations hold special significance during this period. The Ekadashi (11th lunar day of the bright fortnight of Hindu calendar month) that falls in this month is called as ‘Vaikunth (Abode of Shrivishnu) Ekadashi’. This is the most important day in Dhanurmas.


1. Spiritual practice to be performed in Dhanurmas

A. Worship of Shrivishnu is important in Dhanurmas.

B. In this month one should bath before sunrise and perform ritualistic worship half an hour before the sunrise. This ritualistic worship is the one performed on Brahmamuhurt.

C. Hymns in the glory of Shrivishnu are sung in this month.


2. Gratification

A. One’s wishes get fulfilled if one takes a bath before sunrise, donates and chants the Name of Shrivishnu in this month.

B. All diseases get alleviated by performing sacrificial fires and giving donations.

C. Worshiping Shrivishnu in Dhanurmas is equal to worshiping Him with devotion for 1000 years..

— Shri Vishwashanti Tekadiwala Family

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