Dr Shibnarayan Sen, a great scholar of Dharmashastras, attains ‘Sainthood’

It was declared during 8th All India Hindu Rashtra Convention that Dr. Shibnarayan Sen, a scholar of Hindu Dharma and editor of the fortnightly ‘Truth’ from Kolkata has attained ‘Sainthood’; while Smt. Ranu Bora from Tejpur (Assam) and Shri. Anirban Niyogi from Howrah (Bengal) have attained 61% spiritual level.

Shri. Maravanpulavu Sachithananthan from Sri Lanka attains 64% spiritual level

Shri. Sachithananthan, with feelings of brotherhood towards all Hindus and working for protection of Hindus despite his age, has been declared, during this Hindu Convention, to have attained 64% spiritual level. ‘Pujya’ Dr. Charudatta Pingale, national Guide of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti felicitated him by garlanding him and presenting picture-frame of Shrikrushna.