Adv. Rabindra Ghosh (Founder, Bangladesh Minority Watch) attains Sainthood !

Will fight for the rights of Hindu minority in Bangladesh till my last breath ! – Adv. Rabindra Ghosh

H. H. Neelesh Singbal (on left) felicitating H. H. (Adv.) Rabindra Ghosh

Vidyadhiraj Hall, Ramnath temple, Ramnathi Goa : A freedom fighter who fought for the independence of Bangladesh, 67 year old advocate Ravindra Ghosh, the founder of the Bangladesh Minority Watch, is a pillar of strength for the Hindu minority in Bangladesh. Despite being fatally attacked numerous times, he continues to fight passionately for the Hindus. After introducing Adv. Rabindra Ghosh thus, Sadguru Dr Charudatt Pingale announced that due to his selfless service Adv. Rabindra Ghosh has attained Sainthood. The 3rd day of the All India Convention for the Hindu Rashtra (31st May) was witness to this momentous occasion.

It was also announced that HH (Adv) Rabindra Ghosh’s 63 year old wife Sou. Krishnaa Ghosh, who has stood by him unflinchingly while working for the cause of Hindutva, has attained spiritual level of 61% and liberation from cycle of birth-death.

These announcements about the spiritual progress of those who work selflessly for the cause of Hindutva inspired the devout Hindus in the convention to work with even more enthusiasm. All the attendees offered gratitude to God.

H.H. Neelesh Singbal honoured H.H. (Adv) Rabindra Ghosh with a garland and gifts. Sou. Krishnaa Ghosh was felicitated by Sadguru Kum. Swati Khadye with gifts. H.H. (Adv) Rabindra Ghosh and Sou. Krishnaa Ghosh shared their thoughts.


Not swords, sadhana is my strength ! – H.H. (Adv.) Rabindra Ghosh, Bangladesh

My sadhana (spiritual practice) is to protect the Hindus in Bangaldesh and to keep fighting for their human rights. H.H. (Adv.) Rabindra Ghosh who fights for the rights of the Hindu minorities in Bangaldesh through the Bangladesh Minority Watch said that ‘Sadhana and not swords or bombs is the strength behind my work in Bangladesh’. He also acknowledged the support he has received from his wife in this endeavour.

He was speaking after being honoured during the ‘8th All India Convention for Hindu Rashtra’ on attaining Sainthood. Further, H.H. (Adv.) Rabindra Ghosh said that

  1. Bangladesh was created in 1971. Since then, I have been fighting for the rights of Hindus then. We tell the children to work even in adverse conditions on the basis of spiritual practice. It is only due to spiritual practice that we can obtain good results.
  2. On 1 May 2019 the Bangladeshi Police kept me in illegal custody for almost 12 hours. I was not even given food or water.
  3. When a minor Hindu boy was murdered, the police did not apprehend the culprits. When I went to the police about this, the police snatched our camera and mobile phone.
  4. Even though we have to face such incidents repeatedly, I don’t care. We are not afraid.
  5. Many Hindus fled from Bangladesh unable to tolerate the atrocities heaped by the religious fanatics in Bangaldesh; but we will never leave. Bangladesh is our motherland. I have fought for the independence of Bangaldesh, but the Bangladesh government has not recognized my contribution as a freedom fighter.
  6. I will never accept defeat in this task of protecting the Hindu minority in Bangladesh. We are not doing anything wrong. We are fighting legally to assist the Hindus. We are certain that some day the Bangladesh government will have to acknowledge our fight.


I have survived the numerous fatal attacks only due to
Gurudev’s (Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale) grace ! – H.H. (Adv.) Rabindra Ghosh

H.H. (Adv.) Rabindra Ghosh said that ‘I bow down at the feet of Gurudev (Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale) for bestowing this honour on me. This is beyond belief. The blessings of Gurudev make it possible for me to work to protect the Hindu minority in Bangladesh. I have to travel to 64 districts in Bangladesh for this. During these travels I have been attacked fatally numerous times, but each time I have survived all these attacks only due to the grace of Gurudev. On this red letter day when the Sainthood has been bestowed upon me with Gurudev’a grace, I only wish to reiterate that I will fight to protect the Hindus in Bangladesh till my last breath’.


Thoughts expressed by Mrs Krishnaa Ghosh after Adv Rabindra Ghosh was declared Saint

My husband’s hard work has paid off ! – Sou. Krishnaa Ghosh

While expressing her thoughts after H.H. (Adv.) Rabindra Ghosh was declared a Saint, his wife Sou. Krishnaa Ghosh said, ‘I am extremely happy that we have received this special blessing from Gurudev. In Bangladesh, Shri. Ghosh  has been attacked numerous times by fanatics. He was poisoned, our house was burgled. Shriman (H.H. (Adv.) Rabindra Ghosh) has continued his work even under these trying circumstances. I feel that all the hardship that my husband has endured for the Hindus has paid off’. God does his work through men, and god has chosen my husband for this work. I am extremely happy and grateful about this’.


H.H. (Adv.) Rabindra Ghosh’s wife Mrs Krishnaa Ghosh attains spiritual level of 61% and gets liberated from the cycles of birth and death !

Thoughts expressed by her after it was declared
that she attained 61% spiritual level

Sadguru (Kum.) Swati Khadye felicitating Sou. Krishna Ghosh (on right)

Now, we will work with more zeal after returning to Bangladesh !
– Mrs Krishnaa Rabindra Ghosh

Hindus should be given Dharmashikshan from a young age. Muslim children are taught about their religion from the age of 5. Hindu mothers should instruct their children about Dharma when they are young. Apart from this, children should also be taught about our customs-culture, only then will we see the Hindu Rashtra established in future. This convention had given a great deal of inspiration. I will take this inspiration and work with more zeal after returning to Bangladesh.

Thoughts expressed by H.H. (Adv.) Rabindra Ghosh after it was declared that Sou. Krishnaa Ghosh had attained a spiritual level of 61%

Wife’s spiritual progress is Gurudev’s grace ! – H.H. (Adv.) Rabindra Ghosh

It was also announced in the convention that H.H. (Adv.) Rabindra Ghosh’s wife has attained a spiritual level of 61%. While speaking about this, H.H. (Adv.) Rabindra Ghosh said that ‘this is remarkable. Wife’s spiritual progress is Gurudev’s (Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale) grace ! There was a time when I used to feel that I am fighting alone, there is no one with me; but my wife supported me completely. With the Gurudev’s grace, attempts are on to provide Dharmashikshan to Hindus in Bangladesh. We do not want wealth or fame, but we pray for a place at Gurudev’s feet’.

Mrs Kshipra Juvekar of HJS shared some experiences that showed various qualities of Mrs. Krishnaa Ghosh

Intense desire to work : Sou. Krishnaa Ghosh’s intense desire to work even under extremely adverse conditions is worth emulating.

Fearlessness : Fear is not a part of her DNA. Two of their children live in Canada and their son lives in Sikkim. H.H. (Adv.) Rabindra Ghosh is always out of the house. Their life is under threat from fanatics. She lives alone in their house, despite this, she does not have a shred of fear.

High regard for Dharma : She has high regard for Dharma. When she was a schoolteacher, fanatics would threaten her against wearing kumkum, but instead of being cowed down she started wearing a larger kumkum bindi and going to school.

One experiences bliss and enthusiasm when looking at Sou. Ghosh. She is an inspiration to all. Her life teaches us that if we have the support of spiritual practice, then we can work under any circumstance.


1. Sou. Krishnaa Ghosh started with the shloka ‘Krishnaya vasudevaya…’.

2. After the felicitation, Sadguru (Kum) Anuradha Wadekar and  Saint H.H. (Sou) Sangita Jadhav both hugged Sou. Krishnaa Ghosh. Though they had never been introduced prior to this, the feeling was that they had known each other over many lifetimes. this shows that spiritual practice transcends barriers of language and space, instead ‘intense desire for God realisation’ is the thread that binds everyone.


H.H. (Adv.) Rabindra Ghosh’s intense bhav towards Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale

After he was honoured, H.H. (Adv.) Rabindra Ghosh was being greeted by the attendees. H.H. (Adv.) Rabindra Ghosh was humbly saying ‘it is Gurudev’s blessing’, ‘it is Gurudev’s grace’. Even while expressing his thoughts after he was honoured, he kept repeating that this is Gurudev’s blessing every 2-3 sentences. This shows that he has absolutely no doer-ship. – Sadguru Dr Charudatt Pingale.

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