Adv. Vijay Shekhar from Bengaluru (Karnataka) attains 61% spiritual level

Adv. Vijay Shekhar

Vidyadhiraj Meeting Hall, Ramnathi (Goa) : Adv. Vijay Shekhar from Bengaluru (Karnataka), who is calm, humble, sincere and possesses a yearning for fighting against injustice has attained 61% spiritual level and is liberated form the cycle of birth and death. He was felicitated by  H.H. Ramanand Gowda by presenting him a picture of Shrikrushna as a gift. Adv. Vijay Shekhar offered gratitude unto Holy feet of Paratpar Guru(Dr.) Athavale for news about of his spiritual progress. He said, “This incident was not expected by me. From now on, I have to carry out the mission for Dharma more and more”. H.H. Ramanand Gowda narrated unique characteristics of Adv. Vijay Shekhar.

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