Devout Hindu Umesh Sharma attains 64% spiritual level with his intense ‘bhav’

Shri. Vishal Sharma (left) was felicitated by Pujya (Dr.) Charudatta Pingale

Ramnathi, Goa : Shri. Umesh Sharma of ‘Vishwa Shrikshetra Mahasansthan’ described with intense emotions his meeting with ‘Paratpar Guru’ Dr. Jayant Athavale which was full of ‘chaitanya’. It generated ‘chaitanya’ even at the venue of the Convention. Later, Shri. Sharma left the hall as he was to leave for Bengaluru; but he was called back. The address of next speaker was stopped and ‘Pujya’ Dr. Charudatta Pingale,  declared that everyone experienced peace and happiness while Shri. Sharma was talking and he has attained 64% spiritual level. He has lot of ‘bhav’ towards Gurudev; therefore, he would soon attain even Sainthood. Later, during his felicitation program, Shri. Sharma was presented a picture-frame of Shrikrushna which he held over his head with lot of ‘bhav’. ‘Pujya’ Dr. Pingale then gave him a long hug as if it was a union between the God-Principle present in both of them, along with their intense ‘bhav’.

There is unique combination of Bholenath, Shriram
and Krushna in ‘Paratpar Guru’ Dr. Athavale ! – Umesh Sharma

On 16th June, in the evening session of ‘All India Hindu Convention’, Shri. Umesh Sharma expressed his thoughts. He said that before meeting ‘Paratpar guru’ Dr. Athavale, he had felt from within that ‘Paratpar Guru’ Dr. Athavale was a great God-like personality in the form of peace, ‘chaitanya’ and power. He was very eager to meet Him. On 15th June, as he saw Him for the first time, he had an ‘anubhuti’ of His being a superpower, incarnation just like ‘Shriram’ and Krushna and could see form of non-violence, form of love, form of Dharma and form of Truth in His eyes. There is a unique combination of Bholenath, Shriram and Krushna and He is the form of ‘Parameshwar’; therefore, ‘Paratpar Guru’ Dr. has started ‘Brahma-yadnya’ and ‘Kshatra-yadnya’ and Hindu Rashtra is going to be established with His incredible ‘Dnyan-shakti’. We should, however, continue our efforts with fortitude for establishment of Hindu Rashtra. Remember where there is fortitude, there is nectar. Keep faith and ‘bhav’ towards ‘Paratpar Guru’ Dr. Athavale and follow His guidance; continue ‘sadhana’ and keeping Guru-Principle in heart, dedicate self for the mission of protection of nation. God in the form of ‘Paratpar Guru’ Dr. is working for us so that we get an opportunity to live in Hindu Rashtra and experience love, peace and heaven.

The whole atmosphere was charged with ‘Sattva’ particles. Every word said by Shri. Sharma was heard peacefully and getting inscribed in everyone’s heart. Many experienced their ‘bhav’ getting invoked and everyone felt that Shri. Sharma’s narration should never come to an end. It started raining outside and there was shower of Shrikrushna’s grace inside the hall experienced by all ‘Hindutvavadis’.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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