Dr Shibnarayan Sen, a great scholar of Dharmashastras, attains ‘Sainthood’

It was declared during 8th All India Hindu Rashtra Convention that Dr. Shibnarayan Sen, a scholar of Hindu Dharma and editor of the fortnightly ‘Truth’ from Kolkata has attained ‘Sainthood’; while Smt. Ranu Bora from Tejpur (Assam) and Shri. Anirban Niyogi from Howrah (Bengal) have attained 61% spiritual level.

Spiritual experience of Bliss experienced by a seeker comprehending the importance of classical music which is a treasure of Bharatiya culture only due to the grace of the Guru !

As part of the study session in the music section of Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay in the Ramnathi ashram, experiments in music are being carried on. At that time gradually I started realizing the effects of sattvik music in comparison with Raja-Tama music on the spiritual plane

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