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1. Pain or itching in the throat, and any type of cough

‘1 – 2 tablets of ‘Chandramrut Ras’ medicine should be chewed slowly 2 to 3 times in a day.’ – Vaidya Meghraj Madhav Paradkar, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa. (25.7.2022)

Vaidya Meghraj Paradkar

1 A. Experience

‘Many a times whenever I feel pain in my throat along with the general feeling of discomfort for any reason, I immediately chew 1 tablet of ‘Chandramrut Ras’. Most of the times even with just 1 tablet the pain in my throat gets alleviated and the general discomfort also goes away. Also the further possible occurrence of cough also gets avoided.’ – (H.H.) Sandeep Alashi, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa. (25.7.2022)


2. Dry cough (Vataj Kas)

‘Sometimes we experience continuous strokes dry cough; but there is no phlegm or even if there is, only little phlegm comes out. In this type of cough it feels as if, ‘the trachea has been peeled from the inside’. Due to continuous coughing, the ribs and stomach start paining. Sometimes we experience this type of cough after the phlegm dries off after taking cough medicines. At times if chilled air enters nose and mouth during the sleep, we experience dry cough. These are the symptoms of cough due to the Vata. In Ayurved this is called as ‘Vataj Kas’. ‘Kas’ means ‘cough’. Following treatment should be undertaken when experiencing dry cough.

Take half cup of warm water. Add 2 teaspoons (10 ml) of ghee (clarified butter made from Indian cow’s milk) and pinch of salt to it and consume it after mixing properly. (Instead of ghee, edible oil in which food items such as papad, bondas have been fried can also be used.) After drinking the mixture, if there is any ghee left sticking to the inner wall of the cup, then some more warm water should be added into the cup, stirred and consumed. The experience is that after doing this for 1 – 2 times, the cough goes away. Juice of Tulsi (Holy Basil plant) leaves should also be added along with the ghee if there is a feeling of fever or general discomfort along with the cough.’ – Vaidya Meghraj Madhav Paradkar (25.7.2022)

2 A. Experience

‘My daughter (Miss) Mukta is 4.5 years old. In the third week of July 2022, she developed colds and dry cough. She was irritated due to continuous coughing. In addition, she got some fever. To alleviate her cough, I added one teaspoon of ghee and a pinch of salt to one teaspoon of Tulsi juice, stirred it and asked her to consume it. With this, her repeated coughing reduced a lot. Then about after 4 hours when she had another bout of cough, I gave her the ghee in the same manner. Later her cough stopped, and her fever also reduced.’ – Mrs. Raghavi Mayuresh Konekar, Dhavali, Phonda, Goa. (25.7.2022)


3. General feeling of discomfort or illness or fever

‘2 Leaves of Tulsi should be chewed twice a day (morning and evening) for 2 days. One of the meals should be skipped and whenever one feels hungry, lukewarm lentil with 1 teaspoon of ghee should be consumed. For 2 days one should eat nothing other than rice mixed with hot plain lentil. A little ghee should be added to it. It is okay to have small quantity of pickle along with it for taste. One should continue on the same diet until one feels completely cured. Also, one should not consume snacks. Instead of snacks, one can chew spoonful of black raisins or drink a cup full of warm water with little jaggery added to it. One should drink only warm water whenever thirsty. Adequate rest should be taken. This helps in preventing the fever. Even if there is some fever, one does not feel much distress and it begins to cure faster.’ – Vaidya Meghraj Madhav Paradkar, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa. (25.7.2022)


4. Headache

‘Make fine powder of a tablet of ‘Sutshekhar Ras’ (by placing the tablet on a plate and pressing a metal cup or glass on it) medicine. This powder should be inhaled through the nose. If one is unable to inhale, then one should mix the powder in a teaspoon full of fluid ghee and put 2 drops of it in each nostril after sleeping on the back. Remain in the same sleeping position for 2 minutes. Then one should get up and consume the remaining mixture.’


5. Constipation

‘For constipation 2 – 4 tables of the medicine ‘Gandharv Haritki Vati’ should be taken with the warm water before going to the bed. If there are additional issues like not feeling hungry, nausea for eating, indigestion, symptoms of extra gas in the stomach, one should chew 1 – 2 tablets of the medicine ‘Lashunadi Vati’ 15 minutes prior to having meals. By doing this, the digestive juices are created in a better way. For constipation, these treatments should be undertaken for 15 days.’

— Vaidya Meghraj Madhav Paradkar, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa. (27.7.2022)
Preliminary treatments have been provided in this article. If one does not feel better after taking these treatments, then one should see the local physician without letting these ailments grow.


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