Home remedies for diseases associated with heat related problems

Vaidya Meghraj Paradkar


1. Some symptoms of increased heat

‘Burning in the throat, chest or stomach, burning during urination, boils appearing on the body; eyes, hands or legs becoming warm, excessive menstrual bleeding, passing blood in stools are some symptoms of increased heat in the body.


2. Home remedies

A. Soak 1 teaspoon of flax seeds (or seeds of Holy basil tulsi) in 1/4th cup (vati) of water. In the evening add it to a cup of milk (Note 1) and drink.

Note 1 – Thumb rules in the context of drinking milk : Do not eat anything for 3 hours before and atleast 1.5 hours after drinking milk, be it with or without medication.

B. Thick rose sugar syrup is available in the market. Drink a cup of milk with 1 teaspoon of this in the evening. A teaspoon of soaked flax or tulsi seeds can also be added to it.

C. As required drink rose syrup once or twice a day or eat 1 teaspoon of gulkand.’


Timing of giving Ayurvedic treatment
in diseases of the heart and all bodily organs

Any medicine taken soon after lunch or within one and half hours after lunch, has its effect on heart and the whole body. This is because, during this time the vyan vital energy is active. This vital energy, though in the purview of the heart, is the one which travels all over the body.

– Vaidya Megraj Paradkar (18.2.2018)

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