Terrible state of emergency experienced by the people in Nepal due to the several ups and downs that occurred at the political level post declaring Nepal a secular nation!

According to the new constitution, Nepal was declared a secular nation on 20.9.2015. There have been and still are many ups and downs at the political level since the adoption of the new constitution. From food and medicine to industrial materials, Nepal is dependent on India. The five borders between India and Nepal were closed for five months. This completely disrupted public life in Nepal.

Instruments used in Reflexology

Instead of applying pressure to the pressure-points on the hands and feet with the fingers, pressing them with specific wooden instruments is beneficial to a greater extent.

Importance of Science of Acupressure

During an adversity, the communication breaks down. It becomes difficult to take patients to a hospital, contact some doctor or buy medicines. Through Acupressure therapy and Reflexology, a patient is treated by applying pressure to specific pressure points. These methods of treatment will be helpful not only during emergencies but at other times too.

Agnihotra : Protection from a nuclear attack

A simple ritual at sunrise and sunset along with the recitation of a mantra can actually quell the harmful effects of nuclear fallout. This ritual also becomes relevant with some other information we have received through spiritual research about the coming times.