Healthy oil from a wooden mill

As against this oil milled in a wooden mill is extremely pure, chemical free and healthy. Bedsides it is produced in a natural way, as prescribed in the scriptures. It smells of pure oil and is sticky as it contains 4 to 5 types of vitamins. As there is minimum friction in a wooden mill not a single natural component from it is lost.

For good health bask in sunlight every day

As per Ayurveda in the present period diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, vitamin deficiencies, obesity, extensive skin diseases, cold, different types of allergies, joint pain, swelling of the body, hormonal disorders such as thyroid disorders, poor digestion, constipation, piles etc occur due to the fire element within the body being covered with black energy or its reduction.

Should sweets be eaten at the beginning or end of a meal ?

We Bharatiyas have a preconceived notion that what the Westerners do is the best so they have started imitating not only their clothes and lifestyle but also their eating habits. Dessert is another such practice. In the West it is eaten after the meal. However, Ayurveda says that the meal should be commenced with a sweet dish.