Physiotherapy is used for alleviating the pain from the aching body part, muscle or bone. Exercise and Physiotherapy are two different things.

Physiotherapy involves using techniques for identifying root cause of the distress and leveraging exercises in scientific manner to alleviate the pain. This helps in relieving oneself from historical pains, pain inflicted due to accidents, health issues due to changed lifestyle, and old joint pains.


When should this therapy be used?

Physiotherapy should be done whenever and wherever there is body pain. This therapy is of special significance when there is pain in joints or muscles. There are several causes for backache. Obesity, lack of exercise, stress, muscle strain, sitting in wrong postures causes injury to bones or muscles. Once the physiotherapy course is taken for a specific duration the backache subsides. However it is essential to trace the root cause of the issue and change habits and lifestyle as advised by the physiotherapist. Backache can also be inflicted as a result of lifting heavy articles or sitting in one posture for several hours.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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