How to find a Guru ?

Every seeker in the primary stage has read that, in Spirituality, the ultimate means of salvation is a Guru, whereas a seeker in the advanced stage actually experiences it. Most of us don’t know what is a Guru, and are unaware of what they should do to acquire a Guru. As a result, not only the present, but several future births are wasted.

Changing the Spiritual Guru

Until one attains a spiritual level of 70%, one is bound to get doubts regarding the path of Spirituality and the Guru’s potential off and on, as the mind is active and getting doubts is a function of the mind. Later however, as there is dissolution of the mind, this does not occur.

The Guru-disciple relationship

The Guru cannot be considered only as a professor of teaching spirituality, because the role of a Guru is not just teaching but also helping his disciples realize God and attain self-realization. The bond which a disciple holds with his Guru is complete more at a subtle level, beyond material ties.


One who imparts precise knowledge on appropriate spiritual practice for acquiring peace of mind and Ānand (Bliss) and how to perform it is none other than the Guru. Saint Tukaram Maharaj says, without the help of a Sadguru, we cannot find our path to Moksha (Final Liberation); hence, we should first hold the Guru’s feet, that is, we should make efforts to obtain His grace. In the life of a disciple, the Guru holds supreme importance; because a disciple cannot realise God without the Guru.