The glory of Shrikshetra Neera-Narsinhapur

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The sandstone idol of Shri Nrusinha worshipped by the great devotee Prahlad


1. Mention of Shrikshetra Neera-Nrusinhapur in the Padma Puran

Shrikshetra Neera-Nrusinhapur is situated on the confluence of rivers Neera and Bheema to the North-East of Pune district. Those whose family Deity is Shri Nrusinha, should certainly visit this place of pilgrimage and pay obeisance to Shri Nrusinha. The Padma Puran states that once Deity Indra abducted Kayadhu, the wife of Hiranyakashapu, when she was pregnant. At that time, Sage Narad’s hermitage was located at the banks of river Neera, near this holy place of Nrusinhapur. Sage Narad stopped Deity Indra at that place and told him that a great devotee of Shrivishnu is growing in the womb of Kayadhu. Hearing this, Deity Indra left Kayadhu in Sage Narad’s hermitage where she gave birth to the great devotee, Prahlad. Prahlad’s devotion was strengthened in the Holy company of Sage Narad.


2. Being pleased with Prahlad’s devotion
towards the idol of Shri Nrusinha sculpted
and worshipped by him at Shrikshetra Neera-Nrusinha,
Shri Nrusinha appearing before Prahlad

Later, using the sand from the banks of the confluence of rivers Neera and Bheema, Prahlad created an idol of Shri Nrusinha. Pleased with his worship of this idol, Shri Nrusinha appeared before Prahlad and granted him a boon that ‘The wishes of the one who worships this sandstone idol like Prahlad did, would get fulfilled’.

It is believed that the idol existing in the temple facing the West, is the one worshipped by Prahlad. As inscribed on a stone found here, the construction of the temple began in the year 1678.


3. Special features of the idol of Shri Nrusinha

The idol of Shri Nrusinha in this temple is facing West and is made of sandstone. This idol worshipped by devotee Prahlad is seated with both hands placed on His thighs and it seems to be looking at the idol of Prahlada, placed in the opposite temple, and the devotees with a very gracious eye. In the sanctum sanctorum to the left of this idol there is a very ancient idol of Shri Nrusinha Shamraja facing the North, which was worshipped by Deity Brahma. Divinity in this temple is extremely awakened.


4. Glory of this place of pilgrimage

Shri Nrusinha always exists at this place of pilgrimage. A mere vision of this temple fulfils all the four pursuits of life and eventually takes the devotee to Vaikunth (Abode of Shrivishnu). This place is situated at the centre of the earth. The Padma Puran has described the greatness of Neera-Nrusinhapur in the following Holy verses :

सुदर्शनमित्यभिहितं क्षेत्रं यत् वेदविद्वरैः ।
तन्नाभिरेव भूगर्भे क्षेत्रराजो विराजते ॥

Meaning : The supreme holy pilgrimage place which scholars of the Vedas have described as enticing and beautiful, is Neera-Nrusinhapur kshetra, and it is located at the navel of the earth.

(Reference : Shri Nrusinha Puran and Shri Kshetra Neera-Nrushinhapur, a publication of Shri Lakshmi-Nrusinha Devasthan)

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