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1. The speaking tree of Alandi

Saint Dnyaneshwar has proved that plants speak. In modern science, it is possible that humans can interpret what plants speak and respond to them. The moment the palanquin of Saint Dnyaneshwar is lifted to leave Alandi for Pandharpur the metal spire (Kalash) on the dome of the temple of the mausoleum of Saint Dnyaneshwar moves and a branch of the Ajan tree bends towards it. I have noticed this several times. Alandi is a perfect example of how connected premises and plants are to each other.


2. Specialised instruments can
measure the Divine consciousness in Alandi

On specific days at specific times with specialised instruments the Divine consciousness at Alandi can be measured.

Author : Dr. Raghunath Shukla
Reference : Vishwachaitanyatil Gudh, Part 1

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