Datta Mandir at Shevgaon established by Yogatadnya Dadaji Vaishampayan!

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Deity Datta idol appears to be speaking or alive


1. It appears as if the Dattamurti in the temple is talking

The temple of Deity Datta at Shevgaon is a fruit of the austere penance performed by Yogatadnya Dadaji Vaishampayan. The construction of the temple was completed as per the plan determined by Dadaji Himself. The eloquent, lively, innocent and affectionate, radiant idol in the garbhagriha (sanctum sanctorum of the temple) has been sculpted under the supervision of Yogatadnya Dadaji at Jaipur and was installed on 24.5.2006 by Him in an auspicious environment. As Dadaji has energised this idol it appears alive and appears to be speaking.


2. Ritualistic worship in the temple of Deity Datta

Strict acts of purity (sovale) are observed in this temple. No one is allowed to touch the main idol. Devotees are allowed to offer abhishek (Consecration by ritualistic bathing with water, milk, etc.) to the other white marble idol given by Dadaji. Everyday, in the morning and evening, ritualistic worship and arti are performed. Naivedya is offered to Deity Datta every afternoon. Mahaarti is performed every Thursday evening. Prasad is distributed to the devotees. Lakshmiprasad is given by Dadaji. Many have experienced that the wishes of devotees who visit this holy place with faith and devotion are fulfilled. Many also get a vision of Nagaraj (King of serpents) in the surroundings of this temple.

As Yogatadnya Dadaji possesses one of the eight supernatural powers ‘laghima’, many seekers have experienced that He is present during the arti in subtle form.


3. Features of Dattamurti

One of the major features of this idol is that the colors of the idol change automatically. The original color of Dattamurti is white. The color of the idol sometimes appears full pink, sometimes pale blue. The idol appeared pink on this Buddha purnima (Dadaji’s birthday).


4. On the occasion of Gurudwadashi, Yogatadnya Dadaji Vaishampayan advised seekers to perform sacrificial fires in this temple

4A. Havan was performed by 40 seekers

On Gurudwadashi (16.10.2017), Dadaji gave some mantras to seekers present here and asked them to perform a havan. Accordingly, 40 seekers performed the havan that evening. The havan concluded with Mahaprasad. In the night, the seekers shut the temple and left for home.

4B. Next day after opening the temple for ritualistic worship, a seeker saw that the idol was consecrated with Holy ash

The next day, around 5.45 am, as usual, seeker Shri. Kulkarni, went to the temple to perform pooja. When he opened the door of the Datta temple, he saw that there was lot of holy ash on the idol of Dattatreya, as if abhishek (consecration) of holy ash was done on it. The bigger idol also had some amount of Holy ash on it. Seekers were overjoyed to know that holy ash had appeared on the idol. They expressed gratitude towards Deity Dattaguru for this. (Prior to this, Holy ash was found on the idol on Kojagiri Pournima.)

4C. Spiritual experience by Dattaguru

When this incidence was told to Yogatadnya Dadaji, He remarked, “This is an auspicious sign. Datttaguru has given this spiritual experience as prasad.”


5. Prediction made by Yogatadnya Dadaji Vaishampayan came true

In 1998 at Dubai, Yogatadnya Dadaji had predicted that an idol of Deity Datta would be installed at Shevgaon on 24.5.2006. At that He did not even know the current trustee of this temple, Shri. Arjunrao Phadke.’

– Shri. Atul Pawar, Nashik (October 2017)

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