The self-manifested temple of Shri Dhareshwar at Dhayari, Pune

The temple of Dhareshwar in Dhayari village is worth a vision at dawn or twilight. The road leading to it is surrounded by Audumbar (Holy fig), peepal and other trees. There is ample shade on both sides as you climb the steps to the temple. As you catch a glimpse of the Shivalinga in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple you unconsciously tend to fold your hands in obeisance.

The most important day in Dhanurmas

The five Thursdays and Fridays of the Hindu calendar month of Dhanurmas (which overlaps with approximately the second half of December and about the first half of January in the Gregorian calendar) are extremely important.

Devotee Pundalik

Once upon a time, Devi Rukhmini, displeased with Shrikrushna, left for the forest Dindir in Pandharpur.

Difference between present day Hindus and our ancestors

We hear of how man has made tremendous progress with the changing times. Scientists have made discoveries in various fields and today man is capable of even going to planets beyond the moon. Every day we hear and read such news. But in reality is this progress ?