Should sweets be eaten at the beginning or end of a meal ?

We Bharatiyas have a preconceived notion that what the Westerners do is the best so we have started imitating not only their clothes and lifestyle but also their eating habits. Dessert is another such practice. In the West it is eaten after the meal. However, Ayurveda says that the meal should be commenced with a sweet dish. This controls our bio-elements of vata (air) and also does not obstruct digestion.

From the viewpoint of modern science, Ayurvedic thinking is more scientific. Sweets are difficult to digest. If eaten at the beginning of a meal not only is digestion excellent but the food consumed thereafter is also limited. As against this if a dessert especially cold is eaten after a meal the temperature of the stomach decreases disturbing digestion. Hence,  if sweets are to be consumed they should be eaten at the beginning or in the midst of the meal. The western habit of eating dessert after a meal is certainly dangerous to be followed by our country.

– Vaidya Parikshit Shewde, (M.D. , Ayurveda), Dombivali

Reference : Articles of Vaidya Parikshit Shewde

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