Ill effects of artificial cold drinks


1. Weakening of bones

The PH of artificial cold drinks is generally 3.4. This weakens teeth and bones. Usually after completion of 30 years of life the process of regeneration of bone in the human body stops. Thereafter based on the acidity in food items bones begin to weaken.


2. Due to discrepancy in body temperature
and the temperature of cold drinks there are
adverse effects on the digestive system of an individual

From the health point of view these drinks have absolutely no vitamins or mineral supplements but have high content of sugar, carbolic acid and other chemicals. The average human body temperature is 37 degrees centigrade while soft drinks have a much lower temperature of upto 0 degrees. Due to this great difference in temperature there are adverse effects on the digestive system of man resulting in indigestion. This generates gases and bad odour which spread to the teeth giving rise to several diseases.


3. Inferences from the experiment

In one experiment a broken tooth was put into a container with a soft drink and covered with a lid. After 10 days when that tooth was to be removed for analysis it was missing, concluding that it had dissolved in that drink. If teeth which are so hard in consistency can be destroyed with the effect of this drink then imagine what will happen to the delicate intestines where this drink remains for several hours.


4. Violence and aggression in children

15% of children drinking 4 to 5 bottles of soft drinks per day become violent and aggressive.

(Reference : Allopathic physician (Dr.) Prakash Prabhu, M.D., Hindavi 11.4.2010 and Dainik Samna 27.3.2012)

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