Acidity : Causes, Symptoms, and Remedy

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1. Avoid acidity self-medication

We can easily come across 4 – 5 people around us who are suffering from acidity. It is often noticed that, the such patients suffering from acidity are taking medicines on it on their own for years together. Most of these medicines belong to a class of proton-pump inhibitors. By consuming such medicines without medical consultation for a prolonged period of time without the medical consultation can lead to various types of serious problems such as various diseases related to the kidneys (like kidney failure), various types of heart diseases, bones becoming brittle etc. It is also frequently observed that these patients also take Domperidone on their own along with the previously mentioned medicines. Domperidone causes increase in the hormone prolactin which can result in irregular menstrual cycles in women. Therefore, consuming these such medicines without the consultation of the doctors of modern medicine, medical practitioners should be avoided.

2. Remedies on acidity

Dr. Shilpa Chitnis-Joshi

It is extremely necessary to find the root cause behind occurrence of acidity and find a long term solution for the acidity. First, seek help from medical professionals. Then one must be ready to make drastic changes in their life-style. Implementing changes such as eating little but more frequently, not sitting down right after eating, consuming very little spicy or oily food, avoiding consumption of tobacco and alcohol, exercising regularly to lower the weight, taking efforts to reduce mental stress can be very beneficial. Drinking water (not hot water) on empty stomach can also be beneficial.

3. Home remedies for heartburn

There is a valve in between the oesophagus and stomach. When the amount of acid increases in stomach, then this valve shuts down or closes and does not let that acid reach upwards into the oesophagus. Lesser acid in the stomach may also be one of the reasons for acidity. Because then, the valve between the oesophagus and stomach does not close completely and the acid travels upwards into the oesophagus and causes a burning sensation in the chest. At such times consuming cloves, ginger, cinnamon stick, buttermilk, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, cold milk, or coconut water could be beneficial for the acidity. These are certainly better and safer than regularly consuming medcines.

It is best for the patients suffering from high acidity to take timely advice from gastroenterologists.

— Dr. Shilpa Chitnis-Joshi, Gynaecologist & Obstetrician, Kothrud, Pune.

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